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  1. LoveBug

    soaked wood/pumice

    so i soaked some wood coins in koolaid (no sugar). how long do i bake it for and at what temp? also i soaked some pumice stones also do i bake them in the oven too? if so what temp and how long? they were only soaked for like a minute if that.
  2. LoveBug

    The Three Stooges

    We adopted these three boys i believe two weeks ago. We were told they are 4 months old, but after talking to people in the I <3 Pet Rats!! group, we figured out that they are more than likely around 2 months old. We adopted them from Petco, their previous owner couldn't take care of them...
  3. LoveBug

    Hedgie Address Label

    i saw this, and thought it was cute...
  4. LoveBug


    Please sign this petition. This man (Nally) held his girlfriend hostage physically and sexually abusing her. And then obtained dogs mainly puppies from free ads and tortured them in front of his girlfriend. He killed a total of 29 puppies...
  5. LoveBug

    New Supply holder.

    my new chinnie supply holder. it's so much easier to work with then our plastic storage drawers we were using before. we couldn't even put the liners in it. in this one we can fit everything into it (: (i wrote out what each section is)
  6. LoveBug

    Internet freedom

    if you want to keep your internet freedom, sign the petition and pass it on (:
  7. LoveBug

    Jersey Shore

    new season comes on tonight. anyone watch it? going to watch it? any of you that won't watch it? i watch it, i love the show. Sam and Ronnie's relationship kinda annoys me though. but Vinny and Pauly D woot woot, those boys are hot! ha. and the meatballs (Deana and Snooki) crack me up...
  8. LoveBug

    what mutation??

    i just got Boo Boo yesterday (dec 31st). i've heard three answers; dark standard, ebony, and black velvet. so i'm asking the experts (you guys) what is he?? are these pictures huge and sideways? cause they are showing up that way on my computer.. but thats not how they are on photobucket :/
  9. LoveBug


    okay so i'm in a bind. neither home depot or lowe's sells KD pine here. and i'm not spending the price it is on a select pine that's just too much. and untreated pine isn't good for chins right? in my girl fluffy's cage we used whitewood and got lucky that it wasn't a bad wood. but i don't...
  10. LoveBug


    this is our new chinnie Boo or BooBoo or BooBear. lol my husband named him. he has his own double level FN that he came with. and he is a year old NO I WILL NOT BE BREEDING so please don't ask. it was kinda on short notice that we were gonna keep him so he has to wait til tomorrow 1/1 to get...
  11. LoveBug

    Sooo cute

    i know that keeping them as pets is entirely wrong they should be living in the wild. but i love how it grabs it's food and then shoves it in it's face haha
  12. LoveBug

    The Turkey Revenge hahahaha i'd definitely be crying my eyes out if a turkey decided to chase after me :rofl:
  13. LoveBug


    So a couple weeks ago i got Fluffy and she was on the Kaytee Timothy Hay. and then i got a package from Susan at AZChins that had Timothy Hay in it. Fluffy loved it. Well i put in an order for it so it will get here between wednesday and friday. but the problem is.. i'm outta hay. and she will...
  14. LoveBug

    Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

    Anyone see it? Opinions, likes, dislikes about it? personally i kinda think this was the best one. i felt everyones emotions in what they say. and i also teared up cause well i felt the emotion and felt like they were talking straight to me. and the "adult" scene, kinda cracked me up lol
  15. LoveBug


    Anyone on it? I love the site. I've got so many DIY and Crafts that i wanna try it's not even funny. Plus tons of recipes. if your not on it and want an invite pm me your email and i'll send you and invite. (:
  16. LoveBug

    Free Wrap

    i've been trying to lose weight and it's not working and a friend of mine is selling this weight lose stuff. and i wanna try before i buy. so i'm trying to win her referral contest to win a free body wrap. could you please go to the page, click like, and tell her Keisha Schmidt sent you (...
  17. LoveBug

    Goat Milk Products

    So there is a local military wife at the base we're at that makes goat milk products. I ordered some from her. A lotion, brown sugar soap, strawberries and creme soap, and a pumpkin body scrub. i used the brown sugar goat milk soap today. my skin feels so amazing and not dry! woot woot. being...
  18. LoveBug

    Terra Nova

    Does anyone watch this show?? I didn't think i'd like it but i absolutely love it.
  19. LoveBug

    Pet of the Day

    Fluffy received pet of the day today :D
  20. LoveBug


    Does anyone elses chinchilla dust themselves using their bedding? Right now we have the bedding covering the pans of the FN because we haven't recieved our liners yet. We have given her a dust bath three times since we've had her (Monday). And now she's starting to roll around in her bedding...