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  1. Ratchilla

    2 Female Chinchillas in Montgomery AL need rehoming.

    Imp and Zephyr Two female chinchillas aged 3 years old (Montgomery, AL). Come with all items in pictures (including cage, chin spin, fleece, food, sticks and twigs, large amount of blue cloud dust and blue cloud rocks) and hay holder (monkey hamper). Everything you would need for start up and...
  2. Ratchilla

    Watery eye

    Imp had a watery eye for about four days straight. At the fourth day (Wed), I decided to call my vet and set up an appt. as a just in case. When I called I found out my "exotic" vet moved to FL. I was so upset (I had just seen her in Aug for my rats) and there has been no other vet around here...
  3. Ratchilla

    Finally done (picture heavy)

    When I first got my 2 chins I had them in the lower level of a DCN and my 2 ratties on top. It's been a couple of months but after a ton of research and a lot of help from this forum, I think I'm done. I wanted to share my journey with you guys and show how you can take a newbie like me and turn...
  4. Ratchilla

    Trip to the Bahamas

    I turn 30 this month and have never really been on a vacation since I moved out of my parent’s house at 21. I've done a little weekend in a hotel or something but nothing extravagant. I decided this year I actually wanted to do something and what better way to celebrate (or better yet, forget)...
  5. Ratchilla

    Critter nation and Midwest customer service

    I've recently been revamping all of my stuff for my animals. It started with me getting my chins their own cage, changing all my bedding to fleece, flooding Brittany (my favorite fleece maker :hug2:) with order after order (I'll be back!) and has gone from there. I always strive to do better...
  6. Ratchilla

    So simple but it still cracks me up!

    Imp spazzing out. I have no idea what the purring noise is, I've watched the whole video like 3 times and I think it's her making it. I love that no matter what kind of mood I'm in, they can cheer me up.
  7. Ratchilla

    Rats and chins?

    I'm setting up a room for my chins so that I can put a window AC in there and get the temp to a constant max of 70 degrees. It would be lovely if I could put my rats cage in there as well. Will rats do okay at 68-70 degrees? I'm assuming they could probably go even lower, but I'd rather be safe...
  8. Ratchilla

    I eat my chinchillas with pico de gallo! You?

    So, I was looking for some more granite to use for cooling stones since the ones that are sold specifically for chinchillas are tiny and cost an arm and a leg. I wanted more for my chins since the little half one I have isn't big enough. I looked at Home Depot and Lowe's with no luck and decided...
  9. Ratchilla

    Cat Tree?

    So, I've been thinking of purchasing a cat tree for during playtime. I think it will be something nice that they can climb on and jump around. A few questions though. Do you think the material is safe? I was figuring it shouldn't be too bad since they are covered in carpet and that is what my...
  10. Ratchilla

    I released my 10 degus into the wild

    Or that is what I was told after I inquired about them when a girl said she had the parents and eight babies in my state that she was trying to get rid of. I told her I was interested in two or three of the females. Wish I had gotten to her sooner or knew they were going to do that. I'd have...
  11. Ratchilla

    Help me, fix me (long)

    If you have time and don’t mind answering some questions I’m sure you’ve answered thousands of times, I’d appreciate it if you could help me out. I completely read through New Chin Owner Mistakes and researched what threads I could. The lists below is what I have fixed and what I fixed it with...
  12. Ratchilla

    Carefresh or other bedding you might buy

    I know this is long, but hopefully this post will benefit some of you. I just wanted to put this out there in case it helps anyone. I'm always trying to get the best price and wanted to share my findings. It does cost a little bit more upfront, but saves a lot in the long run. I'm going to...
  13. Ratchilla


    I can't get over it. I joined today and for the better part of it have been surfing all portions of this site. I've probably perused over 40+ threads. I finally have come to the conclusion that I am absolutely appalled... at myself! How have I owned two chins for 4 months and am only now...
  14. Ratchilla

    Bird cage

    Hey all! My first question and the reason I joined was some advice on a potential new cage. I thought about getting a FN since I already had a CN. The CN's bars break from the chins when they jump on their ledges or anything else in the cage. I contemplated a FN since I was hoping it was more...
  15. Ratchilla

    Hi all

    Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. I was recommended to visit a chin site since the 'multi-pet' site I frequent doesn't really have a lot of chin people on it and they can't always answer my questions. This one seemed to have a lot of knowledgable people. Please understand, I will...