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  1. LoveBug

    Midlife surprise!

    Congratulations!! My baby is due a month after yours (:
  2. LoveBug

    A bale of hay

    i only have one chin. and i order 5lbs of hay every 5 months. i keep mine in a laundry basket, since it has the holes for it to breathe. i've never had a problem. but 70 is definitely a lot. i would look into rescues around you (:
  3. LoveBug

    Hedgie clans?

    i would say they are solitary animals.
  4. LoveBug

    Share some fun/fancy/extreme makeup pics?

    i went to claire's and got a thing of glitter. loose glitter (safe for your face). i'll try finding it and getting a picture of it to put on here. but i just take a dry q-tip and dip it in the glitter and then apply it to my eyeliner. it's messy but nothing a little water and a wash cloth...
  5. LoveBug

    What are the best toys?"

    i get all my chins hanging toys from Christine at Twilight Chinchillas. her toys are fantastic! and BooBoo always devours them.
  6. LoveBug

    Share some fun/fancy/extreme makeup pics?

    i can never do my makeup with eyeshadow. lol i just stick with eyeliner, mascara, and glitter (: hmm if we have a fun/fancy/extreme makeup thread, should we do that for hair too.. here's two examples of what my makeup usually looks like
  7. LoveBug

    Easy chinchilla huts?

    this is BooBoo's i had Home Depot cut it. i just planned it out before hand. although the top was a tad bit smaller but i made it work lol not sure how big to make it for two of them though
  8. LoveBug


    there was a few people in WI (where i'm from) that actually dug up all their corn. it wasn't growing so they didn't see the point in keeping it "growing"
  9. LoveBug


    yes they do, but you can completely take out the shelves and of course replace them with wood shelves or you can leave them in and put fleece on them. for the pans you can either get fleece liners for them or you can get metal pans from bass equipment. Ferret Nations are great. they're easy...
  10. LoveBug

    Zombie Apocalyps

    love the show!! honestly i think my husband and i would fight on as long as we can. but if it came to that time and we're surrounded by zombies. and not enough ammo left, i believe we'd check out. i'd rather check out then turn into one of them.
  11. LoveBug

    Do chins know their names?

    BooBoo responds to BooBoo, Booboo bear, and (the nickname from my husband) Boobie or boobie bear. lol!
  12. LoveBug

    Brand New Owner

    if you've only had him a day. my guess is he isn't comfortable in your house yet. i would just sit by his cage and talk to him wait a week and then stick your arms in the cage and let him crawl on you. by rushing him you can stress him out even more. he's probably still stressed from the...
  13. LoveBug


    i have one boy in a FN 142. he's potty trained. but i change all fleece once a week. i clean them by using baking soda and white distilled vinegar. put them in the washer turn on the hot water and pour the stuff in. then drying they just go in the dryer and i believe it's set on the cotton...
  14. LoveBug


    i would definitely say FN i don't believe you'll find a 142. unless someone in your area is selling one via craigslist or something. they stopped making the 142. but the FN's are easy to clean, tons of fun to decorate, and all 4 doors open up so it makes cleaning a breeze and being able to...
  15. LoveBug


    1. Anti Pill Fleece and Blizzard Fleece are the only two that are safe for chins. 2. 3. not all chins will use them. but sometimes you'll get lucky. you can take some soiled litter and put it in the dish. try to find out where they...
  16. LoveBug

    Fn 142? 182?

    yup the 142 and the 182 are the same. only difference is the 182 is the no tool assembly. but i've heard a few people saying they needed a screwdriver or hammer. if you look on craigslist though i'm sure you could find a 142. but there isn't any difference it's the same cage (:
  17. LoveBug

    How the heck do you find a pet sitter?

    i had one of my friends watch our animals. she came over every day to feed and water them. and then give BooBoo a dust bath when he needed it. we were gone for 2 weeks. i taught her the stuff she needed to know about BooBoo and i wrote everything down for her as well. it went fine, he's happy...
  18. LoveBug

    can chinchillas be around candles?

    i sell eclipse candle company. and have candles or my warmer going all the time out in the kitchen. booboo is in my living room and he never seems affected by it. so i think you'd be okay (:
  19. LoveBug

    Chin-safe glue

    elmers wood glue and elmers white glue. both have to say non-toxic (:
  20. LoveBug

    Rat Forums?

    Goosemoose for sure (: