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    Tried to Smush Chinchillas Together - One Attacked the Other

    We have had our chinchilla Puff for just over a year now (September 2020). She has been alone since we got her, but she came to the store we bought her from with 2 other chinchillas and lived with them for a couple months before we got her (I know this because one of my best friends was pet room...
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    1 1/2 year old Chin soft stools?

    Hi all! I have two chinnies, a 7-8 year old female and a 1 and 1/2 year old female. They get along great and have no problems. When we first got the young one, she had some soft stools but we figured it was because her food had changed and she was in a new place. Over time they went to normal...
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    11 Month Old Chin has Dark Urine?

    Hi all, We adopted a chinchilla in June who was born around the end of November last year, and we adopted her to be a friend for our 7 year old female, Houdini. The two of them get along fabulously and are both pretty good about using their litter boxes. The new chinchillas (Mars) has always...