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    Do you have chin gender preference?

    Please share your preference if there's any and why.
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    More chinchillas?

    How many chinchillas do you wish to or already have and how much do they need each other?
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    New to the forum, please help asap!😭

    Welcome to the forums. I hope someone reads and is able to help you.
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    What's been your chinchilla's cutest moments?
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    Interaction with other pets

    Does your chinchilla play with other pets?
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    Help with chin skin.

    I feel your pain. Hope you'll be able to find one as sweet as Chinchin.
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    Happy birthday/gotcha day Wicket

    Beautiful, Happy Birthday Wicket.
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    My girl is 15 years old!

    Adorable team. Thanks for sharing.
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    Hello, newbie chinparent here.

    Welcome to the forums. Thanks for joining and enjoy.
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    New year's chinchilla related resolution?

    Can you tell us about it?
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    Should I get a Hedgie?

    Welcome to the forums and sorry about your loss. I hope you'll be able to get some opinions and come up with the best decision.
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    Hello! New to the chinchilla community

    Welcome and thanks for joining. Nice pic.
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    What's been your most expensive chinchilla purchase?

    Please tell us about it just briefly.
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    Aside from being active and playful...

    Haha, maybe its not actually about the zipper nor the strings but the hoodie. Fascinating, thanks for sharing.
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    Aside from being active and playful...

    Margaret, you are fascinating. Thanks for sharing.
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    How many pets do you have?

    Sorry for your loss, hope you'll find another as precious as Kizmet.
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    How many pets do you have?

    Nice story. Nice collection, I can see how much you love them. Thanks for sharing.
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    Aside from being active and playful...

    Can anyone share with us some unique characteristics of their chinchillas or how cuddly or affectionate they are as pets?
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    Meet Chico

    Nice pics! Adorable.
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    Hello! Just got my first chin!

    Happy for your first Chin. And for saving Margaret to finally find her new home. Thanks for posting!