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  1. Chinmama

    Valentine's sale at

    Love is in the air at! Save 14% off your entire order with code VDAY16 at checkout. Valid now through 2/14/16.
  2. Chinmama

    Random Items Up for Grabs

    10 semi-compressed loofahs (10 inch). We no longer carry the semi-compressed loofah, so these are just collecting dust. Buy all 10, or just one or two. These need to go. $2 each, plus shipping.
  3. Chinmama

    Manna Pro Sho

    I have two 50 pound bags of Manna Pro Sho that I need to sell. I don't have a container to store it in once it is opened, so I need to move it quickly. If you can pick it up, it'll be $17.00 per 50 lb. bag. If you'd like to have it shipped to you in smaller quantities, it'll be .40 cents...
  4. Chinmama

    Christmas Cards are in!

    We have some chinchilla Christmas cards this year. These are printed on high quality glossy stock and measure 5" x 7". They come with one white envelope per card. Prices are $10.25 for 5, $18.50 for 10 and $30.00 for 20. Place your order through the website at...
  5. Chinmama

    Charlotte, NC Chinchilla with "dangling broken hand"

    This is crazy! Is anyone close and can help?
  6. Chinmama Holiday Sale

    I don't think I'm going to have time to make up any Christmas toys this year, so instead we're having a holiday sale! From now until December 10th, get $5 off of any purchase of $25 or more (not including shipping) using coupon code "SECRET" at checkout. If you are sending your order to...
  7. Chinmama

    Custom Fleece

    We ordered a yard of custom fleece to see how it turned out, and out of one yard of fabric I have two tubes and two corner hammocks. Tubes are $32, or $22 for the cover only. Corner hammocks are $15 and are custom fleece on one side and solid purple on the reverse. Standard shipping of $5.50...
  8. Chinmama

    Oxbow Chinchilla Deluxe - 5 lb. bags

    I have six (6) 5 lb. bags of Oxbow Chinchilla Deluxe I'd like to sell for $11.50 per bag plus shipping. If interested, PM me your address and I can give you a shipping quote. Thanks!
  9. Chinmama

    Quality Cage Mansions For Sale

    I have two used Quality Cage Chinchilla Mansions I am selling. They each come with the metal pans and the stands. I removed the wooden shelves, as they were all very chewed. The cages are 30"w x 24"d x 48"h, and made of 1" x 1" wire. The pans are powder coated and do both show signs of use...
  10. Chinmama

    Box of Goodies

    I've been cleaning and organizing today and have a large flat rate box of chewy stuff up for sale. It contains: 67 natural poplar blocks, 21 dyed blocks (all blocks are 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 and are NOT drilled), 4 small and 1 large Super Pet Woven Play Mat, 1 large Tropical Fiddle Sticks and 1...
  11. Chinmama

    Summer Cleanup Sale

    I've been cleaning up and have a few things I've found that I need to clear out. We have: Five (5) large Super Pet Woven Play Mats. I bought these to sell, but then didn't like the wooden pieces. I give them to mine with the wooden pieces cut off and some other fun stuff tied on. $5 each, plus...
  12. Chinmama

    Giraffe Cam

    Our local zoo is about to have its first giraffe calf and they have contracted with EarthCam to have cameras set up in the giraffe barn and paddock area. If you are interested in watching and hoping to catch a glimpse, check it out:
  13. Chinmama

    Sons of Anarchy - Season 4

    Don't forget, the new season starts tonight! :D
  14. Chinmama

    Splitting the FN for Two Chins

    We're getting our house ready to sell, and for the time being I am thinking about consolidating the chins into one Ferret Nation cage and selling the QC Mansions. They both have flying saucer wheels now. How much space would the saucer take up in the FN? I'm also thinking I should move ZZ...
  15. Chinmama

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    Chris found this picture online and I thought it was adorable. I set it as my desktop background. A legend is born...
  16. Chinmama

    Offering input to pet stores?

    So Chris and I were in Petsmart last night buying hay. We always stop to look at the chins, and there was a lady there with her two sons buying a chinchilla. The salesman was giving her horrible advice, and I was standing there waiting for him to walk off so I could talk to her. I...
  17. Chinmama

    Switching dog foods

    My dogs are currently eating Nurto Ultra, and I'm thinking of switching them to Solid Gold Hund-n-Flocken. I suspect my border collie may be developing food allergies, and I've been wanting to switch their food anyway so it seems the time is right. Anyone here feed this? Just wanted to get...
  18. Chinmama

    Things to do in the Seattle area?

    My husband is going to Seattle in October on a business trip, and I'm hoping to join him at the end of the trip for a mini vacation. We'll be there towards the end of October for three or four days. What are some things we "have to" do or see while we're there? His boss suggested we go into...
  19. Chinmama

    Quick Pics

    ZZ and Marble chowing down on some shreddies last night: ZZ: Marble: I love the way he just casually chomps away on his, and she backs herself into a corner, holds it down with both hands and goes to town. They are so adorable. :D
  20. Chinmama

    Feline Leukemia Virus

    I am the "crazy animal lady" at work, so everyone always brings their pet questions to me, whether I know anything about it or not... I have a friend who lost her cat last week to feline leukemia. She is interested in getting another cat (or kitten), but has gotten mixed responses on how long...