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  1. Kaston

    Soft Cut Hay- long term effects?

    Hi all, My chin has always preferred pellets over hay. I’ve heard many times on this forum that “the best hay is the one your chin will eat!”. I recently ordered a sample box of different hay types, and my chinchilla absolutely LOVES the “soft cut” variety, this is the link...
  2. Kaston

    Giardia, how long can I wait?

    Hi all, after some back and forth with my vet around potential bloat, I took my chin to the vet and they said she felt fine and he couldnt feel any gas in her tummy. I’m still not happy because I can tell there is something wrong in the way that she is behaving, I’ve taken her off all medication...
  3. Kaston

    Bloat- How long should it last?

    Hi all, first time posting. My little Lima (6m, Female) has been suffering symptoms of gas/bloat. She has been pressing her hips and belly to the floor periodically and rolling and stretching lots, as well as passing droppings with small gas bubbles/shiny bits on them. I also heard gurgles...