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  1. Laluvschins

    Please, NEW IDEA FOR TOYS!!!

    Hello there, can some one please point out to me a very nice and creative web site that makes safe and interesting toys for my babies. Everything seems the same old, same old. Thank you so much for any ideas!!! :help:
  2. Laluvschins

    Eucalyptus Wood

    I know this wood is toxic to chins. However I was going to order some for my sugar gliders. I read today that the oils and different things in the wood can be poisonous to other animals. Does any one know if this wood could harm the chins even if the wood is kept in another room? Thank you so much.
  3. Laluvschins

    How to block off furniture

    I was trying to figure out the best way to block off bottom of my couch so my boys can't get under there. I had been putting blankets under it but they always squeeze underneath. Please help! Thank you!
  4. Laluvschins

    New Environment

    Hello, I have recently moved from an apartment to a townhome. I let my two boys out for play time once a week and they are both pretty tame and trained to get back in cage when its time. I'm concerned that when I let them out in our new home how they will react. If they will become skiddish and...
  5. Laluvschins

    freshness please

    Hi guys, does anyone know of fresh cut hay of this years? My boys getting bored I think with what they been having. Just doesn't seem to stay fresh too long! Need a fresh batch please ! If anyone knows please let me know! ����
  6. Laluvschins

    Deciding on adding new feeding regiment

    I been feeding my chins oxbow since they been babies. I been thinking of buying some mazuri and mixing the two together....would That be okay??? Thank u all.
  7. Laluvschins

    Not really eating hay

    I'm getting very concerned because I know hay is such an important part of their diet. I just got them a fresh bag of kms hay which they always love!!! Not been eating as much as I have always noticed. And every morning when I wake up the hay is off their shelf and on the bottom of their cage...
  8. Laluvschins

    A hay comparison (Please Read)

    I been buying my boys kms hay and they love it but here lately seems they not too interested. I was thinking about getting some Standlee timothy hay....anyone had experience with this hay??? Thank you so much for your responses ����
  9. Laluvschins

    Any one give vitamin c to chins on regular basis

    I heard chins can really benefit from this vitamin and should be given 2-3 times a week. Just wondering about this? Thanks
  10. Laluvschins

    Pawing at mouth??

    I have been noticing for a lil while my chin taking his paw and rubbing his mouth. I heard this could be an indicator for this a sure sign or could be a normal thing chins do??
  11. Laluvschins

    Good idea to mix Blue seal hutch pellet food with chins normal food?

    Just wondering your guys opinion on mixing this food with chins ordinary food? Since this is an archived extruded pellet and be good for their teeth. Just for a precaution to keep healthy teeth and less chance for malo to ever occur. Thanks for your opinions.
  12. Laluvschins

    watery eye

    Hello everyone, I noticed today one of my chins eye, his fur looks a lol pressed down. This has happened in the past and I took him to the vet and it wasn't pink eye or anything thing like that and over time it did get better. He is active and eating normally. I'm just wondering if anyone else...
  13. Laluvschins

    anyone know of xmas packages?

    Been looking if anyone has toys and such for Xmas packages for the fuzz babies?? Thanks :)
  14. Laluvschins

    Any luck with Standlee hay?

    Was wondering who has tried it and if your chins liked it? KMS is out of their third cut and was thinking about trying it....thanx :)
  15. Laluvschins

    Best Alternative??

    Hello everyone, recently I've found out that KMS is out of third cut timothy which my boys love! :( Any suggestions that would be the next best thing to KMS in your opinion?? Thank you so much again....
  16. Laluvschins

    Different pets with chins

    Hi guys! Quick question....i know rabbits are a no no around chins. I was thinking about getting couple of pet rats... Are they safe to be in the same household with chins?
  17. Laluvschins

    chin spin still making noise

    Hi guys! I just changed the bearings today on my boys chin spin and I'm still hearing it make a squeaking noise...any of this happen to you all?? Any suggestions? I thought new bearings would solve that problem?
  18. Laluvschins

    Right type of fleece

    Hi guys!!! Im about to line the bottom of my couch with fleece but wanted to make sure I get the right kind. Is it Blizzard fleece that is best?? Thank you so much! :)
  19. Laluvschins

    chins and rabbits

    Hi guys ....i been thinking about getting a rabbit and have two chins at home..i heard that they may pass certain diseases to this true? Would it be okay to have the rabbit if housed seperatly of course. But I let my chins out for playtime and would want the rabbit let out too but not...
  20. Laluvschins

    Thinking about new dust house cont...

    Hi guys. Recently I posted about getting a better dust house and someone mentioned great idea of pickle jar. Just wondering where you guys that mentioned this where you got it. I looked at wal mart but the opening looked so small for them to get in. Not sure if it was the gallon size because I...