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    Chinchilla breeders

    So I live kinda in the center of pa and I was wondering if there are any breeders in central PA. I found breeders near the jersey border but there are good like 4-5 hours away and I don't feel comfortable having a chin in the car that lone dur to the risk of over heating from having the heat on...
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    White spots on fleece

    This may be a really stupid question but my male chinchilla whose only couple months old leaves white spots on his fleece. Is it just him "being a boy" or is it something that needs attention or just somethinglike calcium deposits like a guinea pig leaves. I'm fairly certain he pees in his...
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    Traveling with chin

    Hello! So I was wondering if I could put a leash and harness on my chin instead of putting her in a box so she doesn't get as hot. She's pretty good at sitting on my shoulders or laying in my arms. Shes only be in it for a car ride for check ups