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    Tried to Smush Chinchillas Together - One Attacked the Other

    A failed attempt doesn’t mean it’s over or that that particular method won’t work. If you want to try it again then with any smooshing I find picking up the carrier & walking around a bit whenever there are any signs of a disagreement works in settling them. When they’re secure enough in each...
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    New chin parent with a few questions!

    😂 that sounds about right, my chins cages never stay tidy for long. Tidy one & by the time I’m on the 3rd the 1st looks like a bomb’s gone off in there
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    New chin parent with a few questions!

    Aaah, when you said wire I assumed it was correctly gridded. Yes I see what you mean, vertical bars can be a big problem with how easy it is for feet & legs to slip between them. I had a chin come to me through a local charity when they had no room at the start of the pandemic who needed a leg...
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    New chin parent with a few questions!

    Wire on its own for the base isn’t a problem if it’s 3/4inch squared & a minimum of 16 gauge, for a higher level though it’s obviously an issue when it comes to them being able to pee through it which is where fleece would be handy. Contrary to popular believe, the correct wire doesn’t cause...
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    new chin kits

    Triplets are well known for fighting, each wants the best nipple so it’s not uncommon for the bigger kit/s to bully the smaller ones away from the one they want. If that happens rotation is the best option, the larger two first & then the little one alone for a longer period of time to give...
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    How many pets do you have?

    Yes I breed them. My breeding males & females are all pedigreed show winners/show quality chins & pedigreed Royal Persian Angora chins. There’s a good demand for them in the UK & for importing/exporting throughout Europe when it comes to RPA’s & certain mutations, so most of my homes for them...
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    What is normal weight fluctuation in a chinchillla?

    Honestly, as above I wouldn’t bother weighing as much unless there’s issues with poop or not eating. Especially if her overall behaviour has been pretty much normal. All chins that have lost a cage mate will be quieter & less active due to them not having another chin around to bounce off of so...
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    How many pets do you have?

    15 Chinchillas, soon to be more as one of my Angora girls is due kits. 3 Snakes 1 Bengal cat 1 Northern Inuit dog