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    Aside from being active and playful...

    Can anyone share with us some unique characteristics of their chinchillas or how cuddly or affectionate they are as pets?
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    How happy are your Chinchillas?

    Post those cute and adorable moments and stories of your chinchillas...
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    Chins-n-Hedgies 2021 Survey

    I am going to start doing an annual survey so I better know what to improve on here at Chins-n-Hedgies Forum. Would really appreciate a few minutes of your time. I will also be sending this request via e-mail newsletter. Chins--n-Hedgies 2021 Survey
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    Attachment file size increase and now upload videos

    I have just changed the attachment (images, etc)file size from 5120 to 20480kb. And now everyone can do a direct upload of short videos. The maximum file size is 52100 kb. There is now an Upload Video button on the lower left next to the Attach files button. Here is what a video...
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    Questions concerning the new software.

    Please ask your questions about the software here so I can answer them for you. Having them in one place makes sure I can find them and help you.
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    Operating notes about new software.

    How to post a new thread: 1. Find the forum you wish to post into, and click on title. 2. Look at upper right of the forum and find the Post Thread orange button. Click on that. 3. Fill in title and message then at bottom of message box look for the Post Thread button. Click that and the...