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  1. Shooper

    Chin cookies

    Anyone baking and selling chin cookies?
  2. Shooper

    Sticks and twigs

    I have a few medium flat rate boxes of sticks and twigs. I have dogwood, grapevine, willow, Apple and some mulberry. 53.00 includes shipping to US Let me know if you're interested.
  3. Shooper

    Food bowl ledge

    Hubby has some food bowl ledges ready to ship. They are 25.00 plus shipping and come with ledge, hardware and bowl.
  4. Shooper


    Dogwood sticks and twigs-40.00 plus shipping for a med flat rate box (12.00 shipping) packed full.
  5. Shooper

    Ryerson carrier

    So I took my Inca to the vet Tuesday because he had started to powder or crush his food in his bowl and slacked off on his hay eating (Inca was 7). The vet discovered that Inca had malo. They kept him to do a procedure to file down his back teeth (roots had also grown through his jaw bone). My...
  6. Shooper


    My sweet baby Inca had malo. He went to the vet today and they kept him to file his teeth. After he came out of the anesthesia he passed away. I miss my little white fluff ball already. Malo just sucks! RIP sweet boy and suffer no more.
  7. Shooper


    So, Ellie Mae is a pretty big hedgie. When she was smaller I had a small igloo in the cage for her and she loved it. Now that she is much bigger, she still only sleeps in the tiny igloo. I have given her cloth houses, cardboard boxes, tubes and a big igloo but she only sleeps in her tiny one...
  8. Shooper

    Secret Santa

    Are we gonna do a Secret Santa this year?
  9. Shooper

    Beige male

    Beige male, adult (small) for sale in KY to good pet home. He is a friendly little guy that I rescued from nasty conditions about a year or so ago. I have tried to pair him with one of my other males and it just doesnt work out. He does well with using a potty dish to pee in (as long as it is...
  10. Shooper

    Just chin-chillin'

    Inca looks like he is smoking a cigar (grape vine)...
  11. Shooper


    I have pear ledges for sale 5.00 each with hardware attached (hardware not pictured). They are about 3.5-5 inches across.
  12. Shooper


    I have a new liner set with tube w/hardware and a pillow for 58.00 + shipping Liners are pillowcase style for the FN, but I can change them to sit in the Bass Pans.
  13. Shooper


    I have a pair that I rescued quite some time ago that I would like to rehome. I want them to go to a good home with experience or willing to learn the right care. One is a beige male and one is a mosaic male. I will get pics up if anyone is interested. I'm asking 200.00 for the 2 chins, 3...
  14. Shooper


    Will we be doing the Calendars again this year. I'm kinda sad that both my calendars (chin one and hedgie one)will end soon. Just dont wanna miss the photo contest!
  15. Shooper


    Well, Smokey and Bandit have had lots of accessories from the movie (Trans Am bed, name plates, ect) but Bandit is especially proud of his new "Burt Reynolds" hat!
  16. Shooper

    New goodies

    Grumpycat has lots of goodies headed her way...
  17. Shooper

    Action Shots

    Action shots...feel free to post your own here!
  18. Shooper


    My little Bandit has grown into a beautiful man!
  19. Shooper

    Easter pics!

    Visit with the Easter Bunny yesterday!
  20. Shooper

    St Patrick's Day

    Inca refused to wear the St Patrick's Day hat!