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    Purina Rabbit Show pellets - any problems?

    My daughter-in-law raises bunnies and feeds them the Purina Rabbit Show pellets (blue bag), 4 of my 6 chins are on it also, because that's what they were fed from birth (my other two are on Kline b/c that's what they were fed). She recently had two bunnies die unexpectedly (appears bloat broke...
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    Dusty Oxbow Alfalfa

    I get my timothy hay from Kleenmama's but thought her current alfalfa was a bit stem-y, so I bought a bag of some nice green alfalfa Oxbow at the store. The chinnies loved it. So when I ordered my 50 lb guinea pig food from Oxbow, I added 25 lbs of alfalfa hay as well. They said it was nice...
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    Multi ChinSpin/Flying Saucer?

    I have two FN 143 cages - one with 4 boys and a Chin Spin, one with 3 boys and a Flying Saucer. As is typical, everyone wants to play on them at the same time. Not a huge problem, one just knocks the other off, and I wonder if it's a game for them.:pillowfight: Does anyone with trios/quads...
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    CC balls as a treat?

    Maybe I missed it, but I did not see this question anywhere on here -- does anyone feed their chins Critical Care "balls" as treats? The reason I ask is I also have guinea pigs and belong to GP forums and several other GP parents mix CC with a little water to form "balls" (like meatballs)...
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    Fighting or Playing?

    How do you differentiate fighting among cagemates fronm playing? A couple of mine will kack at a cagemate when they want to get chased and play; it's in fun, not aggression. One 3-level FN has my 5 yr old male in with two 7 month old brothers and that's what they do. I have never seen an...
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    Skinned near ear - HELP

    I just got home late from work. My four new boys were lined up to greet me and everything seemed fine. They were excited and there was a bit of running up and down the 3 FN levels. A few minutes later I noticed one of them had "skinned" the base of his ear (near the bottom of the ear canal...
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    Anyone combine pellet brands?

    Just curious -- when I had hedgehogs, I always combined three or more healthy brands of dry cat food (as suggested on CnQ) for them -- to "round out" the nutritional quality. I have three chins on the Kline/supplement regime, which I have used for 5 yrs now. I've been really happy with it. I...
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    Happy Trio - add a 4th?

    I originally posted this in the FN thread, but I realize it would probably be better here ---- After quarantine, I just intro'd my 5 yr old male (cagemate died) to 2 adorable 5-mo old brother chins and moved the whole trio into a new FN cage. They've been together 2 weeks and absolutely so very...
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    Where do the Standards fit in?

    I was reading over the Show FAQs, but I did not see any category for the Standards. Where do they fit in? And what would be the difference between a Standard and a Charcoal? Thanks~
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    Babies, Chin Spins and Flying Saucers

    I have a couple of questions.... Mogwai (age 4 1/2) recently lost his cagemate. They had a flying saucer and LOVED it. But they never had a Chin Spin. I have since recently acquired 2 darling brothers (Gremlin and Gizmo) and will be introing after the quarantine period is done shortly. I...
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    Critter Nation vs Ferret Nation

    PS - Have missed you all. Somehow I lost you in the "move" from CnQ, glad to have found you again! I'm about to purchase one or the other -- what have you all found to be the advantages/disadvantages of the Critter Nation vs Ferret Nation? This would be for pet use, not breeding purposes...