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    Dried sunflower petals

    Is dried sunflower petals safe for chinchillas to eat as a snack in moderation of course? I did a Google search for treats and this was the first time I seen sunflower on the list. Thank you in advance Tina
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    Sugar free cool aid and food coloring

    Making some toys and ledges for my babies of course since they are only 3 months I won't be using the ledges just yet but wanted to start making my own cause they can be a bit pricey.I have ordered some awesome ledges and stuff from Etsy and I can't wait to set their FN cage up .So with that...
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    New chin mom from Pa

    Hello my name is Tina I live in Tyrone Pennsylvania and recently became mom to 2 adorable 3 month old girlies who I have named Lilo and Nani(huge Lilo and stitch fan) I have had them for about 2 weeks now and we are still going through the introduction phase so any input on experience with these...