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  1. Brittany

    Hello from a long absent member

    Hello, Just logged in for the first time since 2016! I was a very active member back between 2009-2014, but life has changed so much and I just don’t spend a lot of time on the internet. Any old timers still around?!? In my former CnH Days I was a college/grad school student and mom to several...
  2. Brittany

    Any research on UV light therapy for teeth and bones?

    Does anyone have research they can share on the use of UV light to treat bone density issues/ teeth root issues?
  3. Brittany

    Need some brainstorming help

    I'd love to get a brainstorm going to see if I can figure out what's going on with Lady. I apologize but it's a complicated issue: Winter 2011: -Lady stopped drinking out of a water bottle, stopped eating oxbow pellets, stopped eating timothy hay. Became constipated, bloated, and went into...
  4. Brittany

    Need Help With Medication Dosage

    Jameson was in the emergency vet tonight. I just removed his second massive fur ring of the week (he's been getting them a lot lately) and he was displaying symptoms of another urethral stone (squatting/straining, pressing his lower abdomen to the floor). Xrays revealed no stones, thank God...
  5. Brittany

    No Exotics Allowed >:-(

    Ugh, I am so frustrated. We're in the process of moving and I am having no luck finding an apartment complex that will allow chinchillas. I've kept my chins in my apartment for the last 6 years and my landlord has never had an issue. They accept caged pets no questions asked. Every new complex I...
  6. Brittany

    Low Calcium Pellets/ Crude Ash in Beaphar?

    This thread is a follow up to Jameson's urethral stone, we got the analysis back and the stone was calcium carbonate. I'm researching low calcium pellets, and to be honest I'm feeling a little overwhelmed looking at all the nutritional data. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I know that chinchillas...
  7. Brittany

    UTI/ Bladder Stone?

    Last night I noticed Jamie making an odd thrusting motion. He proceeded to clean his penis, which I rarely observe him doing, so I just chalked it up to his normal grooming ritual. This morning I noticed that he was continuing to do it, so I gave him a fur ring check, and found nothing. This...
  8. Brittany

    Help, what's going on with his ear?

    What is going on with his ear? He has chronic dry skin, that I treat with bagbalm, and monitoring his baths, but I'm concerned with the dark red section that wasn't there last night. The picture may be deceptive, in real life it all appears to be under the skin, no scratches or cuts from what I...
  9. Brittany

    Female urinating to mark territory?

    Hey C-n-H, I haven't been on the forum in ages, but I enjoy keeping up with a lot of you via facebook! I'm in my 2nd year of teaching, and loving every minute of it; although it keeps me very busy. Lady did the oddest thing the other night, and I'd like your opinion on it: I've been dating...
  10. Brittany

    Help me build a better classroom!

    I just created a request for my classroom: Guitars Needed for Special Needs School!. If you chip in to help my students, you'll get awesome photos and our heartfelt thanks. Give to my project by July 8 and your donation will be doubled thanks to the Board of Directors! Just...
  11. Brittany

    So ugly, it's cute... sort of

    A dear friend sent me this birthday card, at first I wasn't sure if it was a chinchilla or a squirrel. After reading the card it's definitely supposed to be a chin. Thought you all would appreciate this. As a side note, I know I've hardly been around for several months. Extremely busy with my...
  12. Brittany

    Beaphar Vendors?

    U.S.A. residents, where are you buying your Beaphar from these days? What is the average shipping time? I've been using Partners Pets Supermarket for the last few years. Their website is under construction, and although they say that they are taking web orders, no one has responded to my email...
  13. Brittany

    Kiwi Wood?

    Does anyone know if this is being sold this year?
  14. Brittany

    Merry Chinmas!

    We did a photo shoot for our Christmas Cards. Not entirely happy with the cooperation I got, but we're on the right track ;) Bailey (don't worry, he wasn't eating it) One annoyed Chinnie Girl!
  15. Brittany

    Classy 'Chillas Closing

    Dear Chinchilla Friends, After a lot of consideration I have decided to drastically cut back on the amount of sewing I do. My life has changed in so many positive ways this year, and sewing 20+ hours a week is turning into more of a burden than a fun activity. Classy 'Chillas is the least...
  16. Brittany

    I need to vent about my bad little boys

    I need to vent! Hormones are RAGING at my house, and tonight they were particularly bad! I just want my babies to grow up and mellow out!!!!! Mr. Jameson has been peeing on every surface EXCEPT his liner. Additionally he keeps pulling up the corner of his liner to either hump or pick a fight...
  17. Brittany

    13" vs 15" Chin-Spin

    I was poking around the quality cage website and I noticed that they are now offering a 13" chin spin. It has always annoyed me that they offer an 11" model because it is way too small for a chin (bought one years ago, and sold it to someone who said it's perfect for her rats) This new 13"...
  18. Brittany

    Cat-proofing Brainstorming ideas

    I need some suggestions for making my chin's new space safe. They're going to be living in a finished basement (good ventilation and dehumidifier's already in place). The problem is that one of my new roommate's has a cat, and I need to figure out a way to section off the basement so that the...
  19. Brittany

    Update on Classy 'Chillas

    I have been receiving many emails through the store. Since many of my customers are CnH members I thought I would take the opportunity to make a post regarding the state of my business: The store is currently closed, and I'm hoping to have it re-opened in the next few weeks. It's looking like...
  20. Brittany

    Baby Bailey

    Since I'm the youngest, Mom says I'll always be her baby bug. But Mom, I don't wanna get out of bed What? There're treatsy's involved? Apple stick om-nom-nom Yeah, I'm a pretty boy and I know it