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    Fur thinning on haunches of chin?

    My chinchilla's fur has been noticeably thinning on his backside. At first I thought it might be normal shedding, or he got startled and lost some fur, but I'm getting concerned. I checked his fur to see if it was irritated at all (in case of a fungal infection) but his skin looks perfectly...
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    Help, chin is wobbly!

    We have a chinchilla and noticed that he tends to lean toward his right side and his balance isn't very good. We have reason to believe that he has an ear infection, but he doesn't have any discharge or redness in the ear. We are new chinchilla owners and don't know what an ear infection in...
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    Is Vita Prima chinchilla food safe?

    When I first got a chinchilla, I didn't know much about their diet and I was feeding them all the wrong things. Since then I've done a lot of research about chinchillas and have them on a steady diet of timothy hay and pellets, along with the occasional chinchilla safe treat. However, I was...