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    A single and a family of 4..been fixed

    CHINCHILLA'S (930 S.E.STEPHENS) The Umpqua Valley Humane Society has 5 Chinchilla's in their thrift shoppe now and they are looking for a new home. There is a small adoption fee and you will need a cage for them also. Any questions stop by or call 541-672-5240 Near Roseburg Oregon
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    I want to see your mosaics

    I'm in the mood to see loud, proud mosaics. Thank you
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    If you could, what chin would you steal?

    One on the poll or tell me who you would nab lol
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    Air Conditioner maintenece- what do you do?

    I have a window unit and as you probably know they don't run cool if you don't keep it clean of fur and dust. I start by taking the removable filter and taking fur off with my fingers then I tap it outside and a bunch of dust flies off, sometimes I rinse the filter in cold water to further clean...
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    I'm in the mood to see stretchy long chinny arms and legs.

    My camera is missing, I dodn't know who lost it (Jeremy) Do you have any pics of your chins stretching up high where their little hind legs are all long and skinny? Or their front arms stretched out long instead of all up in their fur? Eeee so cute! Tia.
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    math help please

    Can anyone help me or lead me to a site so I can figure out how to do this Question: 1 of 25: Solve the equation for x: -27x – 5 = -26x Thanks
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    Animal Planet show

    They have a show called Wild Kingdom and the show's subject today is"Prairie Dog Chatter" I think it is interesting and I recognize some similarites to our chin's sounds. It is on right now and 11pm here. Check your listings and post your thoughts ETA My chins are listening very intently to the...
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    I bet you've never seen this

    Chinchilla fur ring
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    Look at the cute hedgie

    Check out others too. Flying squirrel (suggie??) Ran out of time to ad this one, a mini hedgie finger puppet for $3.95...
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    Hilarious cockatoo

    On You-tube :hilarious:
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    Post your fun winter games

    Hey, I saw this activity pictured in the local paper and thought it was a great idea. Kinda like a Easter egg hunt, make colored water ice cubes and freeze some coins inside, then hide them and let the hunt commence. Do you have some ideas for fun? (any age)
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    Black Friday Shopping, yay!

    Here is a link to a site that will post the ads, they aren't quite ready yet but they will E-mail you if you sign up. And they have some pre-Friday sales listed now oh, they have the Joanns Friday ad here
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    Yummy Pumpkin Dessert and more recipes Look around the site to find lots of good things ETA add your Thanksgiving recipes and menu's too
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    I got a fantastic humongous heavy duty parrot cage for FREE! My camera is mia, but I love it. Saw the ad on Craig's list, only catch was I had to take 3 free doves that came with it. But they are really sweet, no biting. I can't wait till their personalities come out. My 4 chin boys have been...
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    My idea about chin blood

    I had a thought, I understand that chins don't have very much blood and it would be difficult to get donations from a live chinchilla. What if ranch chins who are killed for their pelts were able to be harvested of their blood after death? It could be added up and stored and sent frozen or...
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    Vet says too small for pain meds

    My friend Michelle is at work so I am posting for her. Her 5 month old female chin Angel got her hind leg caught and was found dangling. She chewed her leg to try to free herself so there are puncture wounds as well as swelling and not using the leg. She was taken to a vet who claims to treat...
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    Do you want your pets in a Spokane Wa movie?
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    Who needs a laugh?

    Keep watching till the end, his new moves keep coming. You can not help but smile at him
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    A question about euthanasia. PS all my babies are fine.

    Can someone explain the different humane methods. I don't know what is done during the heart stick procedure. I just wanted to learn more. All my pets are 100% fine. Is there a safe way to do it at home if it was needed??
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    My beautiful white girl gave birth yesterday to twins that I thought everyone might enjoy seeing some pictures of. Mom and babies are doing great!