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  1. HaXena

    Help! It’s been two months and I still can’t touch my chinchilla.

    Sorry, I realize I went on a tangent there and didn't really answer your question. Personally, I would not subject your guy to a legitimate fire drill until you've established more trust with him. In a real emergency, you're going to have to do... what ever you gotta do, right? In the mean...
  2. HaXena

    Help! It’s been two months and I still can’t touch my chinchilla.

    Training my guy was FAST! Every time he gets a treat I ether tap or tick w/my tung the rhythm that means "treat." Sound = food is something they learn quickly. If your body is in a place they can explore, they will crawl all over you, you just have to keep your hands to yourself, which is...
  3. HaXena

    Help! It’s been two months and I still can’t touch my chinchilla.

    Knowing I had no place to let my chin “out” for exercise or play, I built him a small enclosure around his cage. It took a little over a year of daily visits from me, inside his enclosure, before he allowed me to touch him. he LOVES chin scratches and affection from me now! He will use me as...
  4. HaXena

    I'm paranoid about my chin's behavior recently

    I order all my hay from Small Pet Select Via Amazon. Seems pricy but it lasts forever! The box is huge! It’s fantastic quality, visibly fresher and better looking than anything I’ve ever found in a store. Small Pet Select 1St Cutting "High Fiber" Timothy Hay Pet Food, 10 Lb by
  5. HaXena

    Please help with advice! Second time im posting this.

    This may not help your chin but this is what helped mine… My rescued chin had one mattery eye for about a year. Took him to two vets, nether found anything wrong. One gave me eye drops which made no difference other than to traumatize my poor abused boy. I noticed it always seemed to get a...
  6. HaXena

    Subscribe To my YouTube Channel!! The Chinchilla Journal

    THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge and hard work with us!! Dandelions are on the “safe treat” page posted by Amethyst. Is there anything else on the list you disagree with, or do you have a safe treat list of your own? Is there any treat that can be given daily?
  7. HaXena

    Chinchilla Breeders/Rescues

    I agree! People “buy” chins just to have a cute pet and have no clue the care they need (frequent time outside a cage to run & exercise for example) or that they can live up to 20 ish years... I had no intention of becoming a chin mom but rescued a chin who spent 10 years in a tiny cage in a...
  8. HaXena

    End of Life Care

    More experienced chin owners may disagree with this, I’m counting on them to chime in if this is BAD advice. I rescued a 10-year-old chin and after finding out that most “treats” are bad for them I went looking for “healthy” treats I could give daily. Initially to build trust w an abused chin...
  9. HaXena

    Looking for inexpensive twigs

    Just check Double checked Rondas and remember the issue. My chin doesn’t like “sticks” he eats twigs and teigletts :-/ which are much more expensive and why I’m having suck a hard time keeping him stocked
  10. HaXena

    Looking for inexpensive twigs

    I think I did? Think it was the shipping cost that keep me from buying but I’ll check again. Thank you! I didn’t proof read my original post, that’s the best price I’ve found but spending 2-3 times that every month. So $32 - $48 per month.
  11. HaXena

    just a quick ? about a brand

    I buy from Small Pet Select on Amazon. Their stuff is fantastic! Little pricy but you get a giant box. You can even get a multi pack w several different cuttings and/or different kinds of hey. Small Pet Select 12-Pound 2nd Cutting Timothy Hay Pet Food...
  12. HaXena

    Looking for inexpensive twigs

    Wondering if anyone has a favorite place for buying twigs? I'm spending roughly $16 a month on 500 grams through Amazon. As long as my chin has plenty, he does not gnaw or chew on things he shouldn't. Figure I've probably already found the least expensive option possible but bringing the...
  13. HaXena

    Suggestions for dust bath

    Thank you! I feel a little silly because a jar never occurred to me! I have a few old giant pickle jars that should work great!
  14. HaXena

    Blue Cloud Dust

    You can get it here also...
  15. HaXena

    Suggestions for dust bath

    Stability is the easiest fix. Bottom of a med size planter pot holds it securely in one spot. I’ll keep brainstorming. What he has now has holes in it. Can’t afford to buy anything, trying to be creative w what I have on hand.
  16. HaXena

    Suggestions for dust bath

    Need creative thinkers to help me brainstorm! I want to turn a giant ball of death into a dust bath. Looking for suggestions on how I might seal up the slits so the inside is smooth. I thought maybe resin but worry it may crack or flaking over time?? It would be great if I could keep it see...
  17. HaXena

    Chin making loud sound

    My chin recently started making a noise at night that sounds just like that. Scares me to death! I came here to ask if anyone else has ever heard this long scream from a chin. Maury never seems hurt when I check on him but holly hell! What a scary noise! Like when you force air out of a...
  18. HaXena

    2 males in need of a home :(

    Where are you located?
  19. HaXena

    recommended online vendors

    Agreed! And me too! Would be great if we could get a new recommended vendors thread going! Please and thank you!!!!
  20. HaXena

    Can I use oatmeal as glue?

    I have a large stockpile of sticks my chin has eaten the bark off of. I'm trying to figure out a way I can build things with these twigs. I had the thought that taking cooked oatmeal, blending & thinning it with water to turn it into an edible glue. ??? Could this encourage my chin to eat...