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    So, you have a Facebook account,2933,494064,00.html 10 years from now they use your photo for an ad compaign and there is nothing you can do about it. Next week they can print a coffee table book of embarrassing photos and you can do nothing about it. Sorry, not a good idea.
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    The REAL Reason the Forum Went Down

    Yeah, don't believe everything you read in News & Questions. Do you really think they'd tell you the truth about anything, much less WHY the forum went down? I'll tell you why the forum went down (it wasn't that hard to discover, after all, a little investigative work and research proved the...
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    Little Green Men

    I have little green men in chat. No one else sees them.
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    Harvesting your personal data from Chins-n-Quills

    If you've made a post you wish you had saved or posted pictures that you might not have a copy of, you can still access some things on CnQ. type this exactly but where it says "your request" put in what you're looking for. Do this from google's home page and not from a tool bar...
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    Giardia is an intestinal parasite that causes diarrhea and anorexia. In humans it can cause stomach cramps and pain, in addition to diarrhea. The feces will be larger than normal, greasy or shiny looking and will smell. It is readily transmitted between humans and pets. Most giardia is...