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    Chins teeth

    Hi, I noticed my chin was not himself and not eating that much, this was a year ago. I took him to the vet and was diagnosed with diaphragmatic hernia. I was syringe feeding him critical care and he get metacam twice a day. But I noticed him eating his pellets. I wasn't too concerned about his...
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    My chins are not eating the timothy hay

    I usually purchase Kleenmama's third cut but last years batch was poor quality so I thought I would try Rabbit Supply but my chins will only nibble so I tried American Pet Diner which the quality has been going downhill for sometime and the batch smelled old and musty. I also tried Small Pet...
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    saw this on CL
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    saw on CL
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    5lb box of timothy for free

    I purchased a 5lb box of timothy through Amazon, Farm to Pet, said it is second cut but looks more like first cut and my chins will not touch it. They are used to third and second cut. If anyone lives in the Fairfield, NJ area and would like it, just let me know. Or if anyone knows of a shelter...
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    Chin sounds like coughing

    Hi, I noticed my chins coughs after his dustbath. First question is this normal, he has been doing this for awhile now? Second question, he is now making the same noise tonight just sitting on my lap but he is eating, pooping running around, any ideas ? Thanks
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    Has anyone ever used this hay?
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    Kleenmam's Hay

    Hi, has anyone purchased the new crop of 2nd cut timothy from Kleenmama's?
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    Saw this on CL
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    Am I crazy!

    My vet put my chin on TMP-SMZ for an ear infection. After two days he looks like someone who is sick to their stomach. He is sleeping more and just looks like he is sick. I took him off, called the vet and she told me these are not symptoms of a reaction to an antibiotic. She also told me he has...
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    Hi, has anyone ever used Tmp-Smz for an antibiotic?

    My vet prescribed Tmp-Smz for an ear infection and Zymox Otic ear cleaner for wax in his ear, has anyone ever used either of these? Thanks
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    Free timothy hay

    I have 30 lbs of timothy hay from Farmer Dave's, it contains clover. Pick up only in Fairfield NJ. I got it about a month ago, not what I ordered.
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    Timothy hay to donate

    Does anyone know of a smalls rescue or shelter in the NJ area. I have some timothy hay to donate. Thanks!
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    Chin to be rehomed

    Chin needs to be rehomed North Jersey Craigslist Chinchilla to be re-homed - free stuff
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    Chin needs to be rehomed on North jersey CL

    Hi. I saw this ad on North Jersey Craigs List Chinchilla to be re-homed - free stuff.
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    Sherwood Chinchilla pellets

    Has anyone tried Sherwood chinchilla pellets? My chins will not eat Oxbow, maybe I received a bad batch, but they do not eat anymore...
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    Abdominal Hernia

    Hi, has anyone had a chin who needed abdominal hernia surgery? Wally's hernia has moved upward pressing against his lungs and heart. The vet told me he shows signs of slight difficulty breathing. They are not sure how long he has had this and if the fat has attached to his lungs then they would...
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    Critical Care

    Hi, I haven't purchased critical in a long time and unfortunately I have to buy some. Should I get the Apple Banana or plain. Thanks
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    Vet check ups

    How often should you take a chin to get a routine check-up. I just read a short article stating a chin should be taken to the vet once a year. How many of you do this?
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    Barley grass hay

    Hi, can chinchillas eat barley grass and pre bud clover grass? Thank you