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  1. tunes

    Any experience - Ulcer

    I'm not sure on the healing time for an ulcer, but I am curious. What did the vet say caused the ulcer? Is it inside the mouth or on the outside?
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    Chins teeth

    I've never had a chin go off feed with antibiotics, other than with Baytril (enrofloxacin). Trimethoprim sulfa can occasionally make them drink less, but doesn't affect their eating at all. trying to think what else I've had to give, but it's been quite a while and I can't remember!
  3. tunes

    Antibiotic prescribed: first time

    Enrofloxacin is generic Baytril, which is very, very hard on a chin's stomach. I would contact your vet and make darn sure that's the amount you are supposed to be giving. It goes by weight and should be figured at 10 mg/kg.
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    Congratulations! Looking forward to pictures!
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    Ferret Nation Free to Good Home!

    There is a Chins-n-Hedgies page on Facebook. You might want to post it there as well. :)
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    Rest in peace Bazil

    I'm so sorry. :( :(
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    Chins sleep in all manner of weird positions - you'll get used to it. :) I watch for overly pink or red ears more than anything else. As Amethyst said, he's just getting comfy!
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    Please help with advice! Second time im posting this.

    It can be a result of poor circulation in the room. When I spoke to a breeder many years ago about this issue, he said that I needed to improve the circulation in the chin room and to have a fan aimed at the floor to move the air around, even with the air conditioning. I've done it every since...
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    Bitten ear / Polysporin question

    I don't recommend using vaseline or triple antibiotic. If you don't have the wound completely clean, then any kind of ointment like that just seals in bacteria. Instead, go with the Blu-Kote.
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    Fur chewing?

    That's not fur chewing. Fur chewing is all uneven and choppy. That looks like it's getting pulled out or she's being overgroomed.
  11. tunes

    Less Feces

    It can happen from time to time, although you'll want to keep an eye on it. If the stool seems to be drying out at all, becoming narrow/smaller, etc., then you may have a problem. If all things are normal otherwise, just keep an eye on it.
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    CBD candle around chin?

    I'm not disagreeing with what you said. My point to Pepperpot was it's annoying to see ?????????????? after everything. Inform a person with facts, not wild posts. If Pepperpot chooses to leave, that's her choice, but her post was reported and I responded to it. I'm not condoning the use of...
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    CBD candle around chin?

    You need to read up on CBD oil before doing this ???????????. First, it's annoying and unnecessary. Second, she's not saying she's going to fire up a joint near her animal. I myself use CBD gummies for pain. It has zero to do with getting high as the chemical that makes that happen is removed.
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    Meet Chico

    He's a cutie!
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    Chins and Day Light's Saving Time

    I don't think it would be affecting him. I've got 200 chins here and they pay no attention to it. You never know though, chins are weird.
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    Baby Chinchilla Diet: Hay

    I would not overload a baby chin with alfalfa. I would stick with timothy for a while. I actually never feed my chins alfalfa, just timothy. I buy 50-pound bails of hay timothy from Tractor Supply Company. Oxbow is good food, but there are others that are less expensive and just as good. I...
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    Chinchilla possible ringworm infection

    It might be from her rubbing her nose on the bars. It's not a clear enough picture to see if it's fungus. I wouldn't jump on it just yet either.
  18. tunes

    How to avoid dental disease in chinchillas

    Almost always dental disease in chins is genetic. There is no true way to prevent it if that's the case. You can keep their teeth healthy by feeding a good quality feed, good quality hay, and providing wood chews for them to work their teeth on. Some people also recommend doing both loose hay...
  19. tunes

    Chinchilla Dust and Silicosis? I may have an irrational fear and I think posting here might help

    I also have asthma. When I used Blue Cloud, even with a mask, I would have an asthma attack. With Blue Sparkle, I'm fine. I do wear a mask and I don't go into my chin room for a while after I dust though. Keep in mind, you're dusting a few, I dust hundreds. In your office, I'd be more...
  20. tunes

    Anal swelling - warning - photo is g

    I don't think it's an actual hemorrhoid, but, if the poops are smaller it could be from straining. Smaller poops mean there is some degree of constipation going on so that could be causing the swelling. I'm not a vet, it's just an opinion, but if everything else is normal, it's a possibility.