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    Red feet/ bumblefoot?

    Hi Thanks for the reply. His cage/room does have alot of flat shelving There is a few perches/lava ledges but perhaps more of this and maybe more twisty branching and rocks could help Looks like I have a weekend project this weekend😁 Thanks for the help
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    Red feet/ bumblefoot?

    Hi I noticed one of my chinchillas back feet are quite red and i'm worried this may be the start of bumblefoot? He's not in any pain and is hoping around and using his feet fine and theres no blood i'm just a bit worried. The purple/darker areas...
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    Vet visits

    Hi I want to take one of my chinchillas to the vet to get his ears checked. I have read if you have a bonded pair to take both chins to the vets, even if only one needs to be seen to avoid any potential fights Is this true? Should I take both even though there's only 1 I'm concerned about...
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    Chinchillas AND hedgehog...? Help! 9 Questions!

    Hi I have 2 male chinchillas and a female hedgehog and I did have them in the same room to start with. Chinchillas in a large cage and the hedgie in a viv with a ceramic heat emitter. I would strongly recommend a 4ft viv minimum for a hedgehog together with a che,thermostat and thermometer...
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    Stopped using wheel

    Hi My hedgehog has recently stopped using her wheel and I am looking for tips to try to encourage her to use it again? She is 2 and was using her wheel regularly each night until roughly a month or so ago. I thought at first my chinchilla's may be disturbing her as their wheel is quite loud so...
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    how much is enough

    I give 2 teaspoons of cat food with some insects,fruit/veg or meat, I do also soak the cat food slightly as the biscuits seem quite hard/big for my hedgehog. But only a slight soak to soften a bit :-) Sent from my KIW-L21 using Tapatalk
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