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  1. Amethyst

    Chinchilla not eating new food

    I have noticed a couple time now I've got a bag of Oxbow Essentials that is a bit "off". The color is more brown then green, and it doesn't have that sweet alfalfa smell to it. The only suggestion I have is to try looking at the food when you buy it, the bags have a little clear strip on the...
  2. Amethyst

    Identifying two chinchillas

    I agree you have a male and a female. It can often be easier to see if you take a look from the other way, front feet on a surface and lift the tail up, if there is a gap between the cone and anus it's a boy (or if there is a gap it's a chap), no gap it's a girl.
  3. Amethyst

    do chinchillas have the same eye size?

    I don't know, looks like it could be, and no plywood is not safe, most is made using toxic glue.
  4. Amethyst

    Hair matting

    If you suspect pain the best bet would be a vet visit, they are good at hiding pain and illness so you have to look for even minor signs. Aside from the fur chewing is she moving around ok? Hopping around the levels as well as shelves, perches, and ledges in the cage ok? If you are acting...
  5. Amethyst

    Hair matting

    Sounds like possible fur chewing. That is most commonly caused be things like stress, pain, or boredom. If it goes on for long enough it can become habit though, so even if the original issue is resolved it sometimes continues.
  6. Amethyst

    Safest hay management options

    I have two kind of similar to the first one, just no lid and only one hole, and never had an issue. These ones are also all safe ones you can buy in pet stores.
  7. Amethyst

    Help! It’s been two months and I still can’t touch my chinchilla.

    You can try sprinkling some dust on it, sometimes that can get them to step on the wheel and get the idea of how it moves. You can also try luring him with a tasty treat, get him to go on the wheel then hold it just in front of him so he walks forward. I would also just make sure the wheel spins...
  8. Amethyst

    Help! It’s been two months and I still can’t touch my chinchilla.

    Different people have different opinions on how much out of cage time is required, a lot of breeders say they don't need any at all 🙁. Chins are social creatures, but not really highly active, like say a dog, that require a lot of exercise everyday. So although I think playtime is important, I...
  9. Amethyst

    How to get chinchilla to playpen?

    Chins can easily jump 5-6 feet so most pens are not really "tall enough" if the chin really wants to get out, but a lot of chins don't realize they can jump that high. I have a couple of these pens (only one being used in the pic, but you can link as many as you want together to make a large...
  10. Amethyst

    Cat Herpes

    I don't think so, but I would definitely ask your vet to make sure.
  11. Amethyst

    How to get chinchilla to playpen?

    I commented on your other post, but another idea I thought of is getting fencing or pen panels to go around the cage. That way you don't have to chin proof the whole room and the chin can come out and go back in as he pleases. I generally refill the food and/or put a treat, toy, or chew sticks...
  12. Amethyst

    Help! It’s been two months and I still can’t touch my chinchilla.

    Depending on where you got him it can take months or even years to get the point of tolerating handling. Some of the best things to do it just sit by the cage and talk to him open the cage and let him come to you and climb on your hands and arms. Let him come to you, you can't force or rush it...
  13. Amethyst

    Hay-nger Strike

    There are a lot of variables that effect hay, in the same field and even same bale. Things like amount of sunlight, rain, the soil quality, even the time of day the hay was cut, and time it was harvested and baled, can all changes the quality of the hay. I'm assuming if you grow your own you are...
  14. Amethyst

    Hay-nger Strike

    Have you tried a different brand of hay? Chins can be picky sometimes and hay quality can vary not only from brand to brand but bag to bag or harvest to harvest of the same brand. You might want to try something like Small Pets Select, Farmer Dave's, or similar company that allows you to...
  15. Amethyst

    Calcium Surplus Question - Help

    Although I agree they can survive on hay alone, people that have actually tried it have found that the poops are great, but overall they don't thrive on it. I also don't agree that a pellet only diet is good, they need loose hay as well. The biggest issue with hay alone is it's very...
  16. Amethyst

    Detergent For Chin Fleece

    I don't use detergent at all, I just use a cup of white vinegar in the wash. It's naturally antibacterial, neutralizes ammonia, and relaxes fabric fibers (softening it and helping to release fur). If it's smelly or stained you can use baking soda in the wash, then vinegar during the rinse cycle...
  17. Amethyst

    Hello! We're from Singapore! 🇸🇬 ♥️🧡💛

    Welcome, sorry to hear about your first chin, sad when they pass so young. I just lost one myself in June, but he was over 14 years old so at least he was getting up there in years, and I still have his twin brother. You shouldn't need any supplements if feeding a good quality pellet, the ones...
  18. Amethyst

    Bedding for Chinchillas?

    No crochet blankets wont work and neither would felt. You want fleece blankets if you want to go with a liner rather then a shavings. If you want to go with shaving then aspen shavings are safe. Fleece is the only "safe" fabric because most chins don't chew it, but if chewed it doesn't come...
  19. Amethyst

    Poo in fur

    Their poop should not be mushy or sticky, it should be solid, fairly dry, and only slightly damp to the touch when it first comes out. You may need to take the chin to the vet if you haven't already to get checked out, soft poop is a sign of an issue. Unless it was a case of he peed on the poop...
  20. Amethyst

    Chinchilla thrusting body forward

    Yeah still just gives me the same sound clip. I'm thinking maybe MOV files aren't compatible with windows or maybe my computer doesn't have the right player. :unsure: When I upload videos online I use MP4 format. To answer you question without the video though, chins do get hiccups, and it...