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    Antibiotic prescribed: first time

    Yes it was .85ml, I checked with them 3 times. I took him to to a small animal specialist who told me it was waaay too high, and that a dose that high had killed all the good bacteria in his intestines.
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    In search of water bottle with graduating lines

    I am looking for a water bottle like this, but is for small animals. This one is for dogs. This one is also pretty expensive ($25) I need to monitor my chinchilla's fluid intake following an intestinal illness. I think I can adapt this one, but I'm hoping to find one that isn't quite so...
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    Antibiotic prescribed: first time

    My chin Timmy was just diagnosed with crystals in his bladder. My vet prescribed .85ml antibiotic twice a day, and it looks like a HUGE amount, but he's never had meds before. I'm just asking if you may have given that much to any of your chins. I have nothing to compare it to. Thank you.
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    Hair matting

    It's a bit upsetting to be accused of "poor care, poor diet, over or under bathing, or the chin is sick or injured and not able to properly groom themselves". My chin is healthy and being given a healthy diet. I regulate his dust baths to certain nights of the week. I will try using a fine...
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    Hair matting

    He does get regular sand baths. I use Oxbow Poof.
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    Hair matting

    My chichilla is a rescue from an animal shelter. He is 4 to 5 years old and used to chew his fur quite a bit until I changed his diet from a harvest blend type food, to mainly Mazuri pellets and timothy hay. However, it now seems that he's developed several hair mats on his right haunch. He...
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    Fur Tufts

    This is my chinchilla Timmy. I'm not sure if you can tell from this picture, but he has tiny tufts of fur that stick up all over his back. He is a rescue, and used to chew the hair on his chest and hind quarters quite a lot til I changed him to a better diet. However, I'm still seeing these...
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    Wasteful Chins

    I was curious about this as well. My chin has always made a mess with his hay, and I was forever sweeping it up and throwing it out! It's a little better since putting it in the "Super Pet Rollin in the Hay Ball", but only about 50%.
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    Urine color

    I have a question about what healthy urine should look like. I've had my male chinchilla for over a year, he's been to the vet and is healthy, however, his urine has always been a reddish brown color, is this normal?
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    Male chin agressive toward other male chin

    One year ago I rescued an adult male chinchilla from a shelter that was closing. They knew very little about his history. After 6 mos. I decided to get him a friend, another male, about 5 mos old. I've tried many ways to introduce them, including starting with cages far apart, moving them...