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  1. Chinchilla63

    Fur chewing?

    Hi, I’ve never had a fur chewer before. Not sure if my girl is chewing. She shares her cage with her BFF and they get along very well. Her cagemate does have mild malo, needs trimming about once a year. She is about due for her trim. No real symptoms right now, just a little pawing at the mouth...
  2. Chinchilla63

    Anal swelling - warning - photo is g

    My 15 yo female chin has had this swelling around her anus for several months now. The vet first thought it might be due to infection, she cultured discharge coming from the vaginal area and treated for bacterial infection. The infection cleared but the swelling didn’t reduce. Also, my chin is...
  3. Chinchilla63

    Anal infection?

    Hi, My 15 yo female has struggled for a few months on and off with small dry poops. As a side note, she lost her sister at the time this started. I’m sure she’s missing her despite extra attention TLC. She started hunching when pooping and looking really unhappy, although eating, drinking...
  4. Chinchilla63

    Anyone know what this might be?

    Take a look at the rear end. This is a female, about 5 years old, possibly pregnant, possibly had babies 7 weeks ago. The swelling is not especially hard or soft, feels like her belly.
  5. Chinchilla63

    Update - there is a change on the FN 182

    I called Midwest this morning (company that makes the FN and CN cages). They confirmed that they have changed the design of the base to include the extra bar and support cube. The cube is a tiny (maybe one inch) square of metal that sits between the support bar and the cage. The customer...
  6. Chinchilla63

    New design for FN 182?

    I just finished putting together my new FN 182 cage, I already have 2 Critter Nation cages. I actually took this one apart and put it back together, I thought I'd done something wrong. There's an extra bar across the bottom, front and back, plus this weird "support cube" that goes between the...
  7. Chinchilla63

    Dwarf chinchilla?

    A thread in the chat section was asking about small sized adult chins. Rocky (aka Rescue Girl) is tiny, I always assumed underweight. She was 485 gms when I rescued her, 455 after her URI. She's up around 500 gms now and looks positively chubby. She's on a healthy diet (Oxbow pellets, Timothy...
  8. Chinchilla63

    How long does it take you to clean a cage?

    Just wondering. Do you clean top to bottom daily? Also, what time of day/night? I've been doing them in the evenings but thinking about switching to morning, my kids are complaining I spend more time with the chinnies than with them, lol. Lee
  9. Chinchilla63

    Another hay question

    I've been trying different brands of Timothy 2nd cut hay. The Oxbow had been coming in super coarse the last few bags. The girls enjoyed throwing most of it out of the cage, very little got eaten. I've tried KMS, APD, and Farmer Dave. They all seem to be finer and softer than the Oxbow. It all...
  10. Chinchilla63

    Bloody twig?

    I was cleaning the cage today and noticed one of the twigs in the giant "shredded" pile had blood in two spots. It was still wet. It wasn't pee, there was no other liquid anywhere on that shelf. none of the other twigs had blood on them, although now I remember seeing stains on a stick or two...
  11. Chinchilla63

    Freaking out about going on vacation...

    I don't want to leave my chins! We're going on vacation in August and even though I'm looking forward to time away with my family, I'm miserable about the girls. We'll be gone for a week. It looks like I'll be able to have some friends come in and clean the cages and feed them. They'll get...
  12. Chinchilla63

    what kind of twine is safe for making toys?

    My girls seem to like chewing the string better than the bits and pieces! I have a ton of leftover wood and bagel bites, etc., that I want to restring, but I wasn't sure what was safe to use. Thanks! Lee
  13. Chinchilla63

    Not sure if she's a genius or a lunatic...

    Candy and GoGo have been with me since April. They've never had a wheel before. I have a chin spin that they really enjoy sitting in to eat hay...kinda like a porch swing. I've never seen them run in it. However - Candy has a new trick. She jumps onto the TOP of the chin spin and tries to run on...
  14. Chinchilla63

    I redecorated...

    It started with a shelf that needed tightening and ended up with me rearranging the entire bottom half of Candy and GoGo's CN 162. So here's my question (and yes, I am a little nuts, lol) - how do I know if they like the new arrangement? Do you think your chins particularly care how things are...
  15. Chinchilla63

    Is wood that's green under the bark okay?

    I just noticed some of the twigs (apple and pear, came from a reputable source) are greenish. Does this mean it wasn't properly dried or is it okay? Thanks. Lee
  16. Chinchilla63

    Metal pans or fleece liners?

    I have the CN cage. I've kept the original pans because Rocky never, ever chewed on plastic. Until today. Thank goodness she only nibbled a tiny corner I didn't notice was exposed. I have fleece covers and they work fine but they're a pain to change (cage is in a corner of the room and it's...
  17. Chinchilla63

    Dust bath ?

    Most of what I've read says giving dust baths 2-3 times a week is fine. Is there anything you experienced chin owners look for in deciding how often to offer the dust bath? Do you do it on a set schedule or do you vary it based on the individual chins/climate/etc? We keep the air conditioning...
  18. Chinchilla63

    Introducing chin to new cage?

    I've got Rocky's cage big new cage set up (finally!!!) I haven't moved all her stuff over, her wheel and favorite fleecy tube, etc. are still in her old cage. I've let her in to check out the new cage a couple of times. She seems a little stunned by it, she runs up and down a few times and then...
  19. Chinchilla63

    Do chins smile?

    I swear one of my girls looks like she's smiling when she's mellow and happy. The other two, not so much. I've had dogs who absolutely grin, but does anybody think their chinnies do it, too?
  20. Chinchilla63

    How long do you leave hanging toys in the cage?.

    The girls seem insanely excited for the first few days I hang something new. Then they'll kind of chew on it half heartedly for another week. After that, it seems like they lose all interest. Do you leave things up till they totally shred them? Do you rotate hanging toys? Or toss it after they...