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  1. Chinchilla63

    Fur chewing?

    Hi, I’ve never had a fur chewer before. Not sure if my girl is chewing. She shares her cage with her BFF and they get along very well. Her cagemate does have mild malo, needs trimming about once a year. She is about due for her trim. No real symptoms right now, just a little pawing at the mouth...
  2. Chinchilla63

    Anal swelling - warning - photo is g

    Back when it started she was hunching like she was in pain. That stopped after treating for infection and putting her on pain meds. She is pooping plenty, although poops are small. They are normal otherwise. I’ve tried propulsid to see if that made any difference but she just produced more poops...
  3. Chinchilla63

    Anal swelling - warning - photo is g

    My 15 yo female chin has had this swelling around her anus for several months now. The vet first thought it might be due to infection, she cultured discharge coming from the vaginal area and treated for bacterial infection. The infection cleared but the swelling didn’t reduce. Also, my chin is...
  4. Chinchilla63

    Anal infection?

    Hi, My 15 yo female has struggled for a few months on and off with small dry poops. As a side note, she lost her sister at the time this started. I’m sure she’s missing her despite extra attention TLC. She started hunching when pooping and looking really unhappy, although eating, drinking...
  5. Chinchilla63

    Anyone know what this might be?

    Photo #2 Sorry, I can't get more than one to attach.
  6. Chinchilla63

    Anyone know what this might be?

    She was surrendered with a bunch of other chins and I don't know her history. It is possible (but not definite) that she gave birth about 7 weeks ago, there was a baby that age with the the group. She was also housed with males, so I assume she could be pregnant again. Her stomach does seem...
  7. Chinchilla63

    Anyone know what this might be?

    I'll try to get a photo of her belly later. It does look swollen also.
  8. Chinchilla63

    Anyone know what this might be?

    Take a look at the rear end. This is a female, about 5 years old, possibly pregnant, possibly had babies 7 weeks ago. The swelling is not especially hard or soft, feels like her belly.
  9. Chinchilla63

    New design for FN 182?

    They're using screws for the base of this new one.
  10. Chinchilla63

    Update - there is a change on the FN 182

    I called Midwest this morning (company that makes the FN and CN cages). They confirmed that they have changed the design of the base to include the extra bar and support cube. The cube is a tiny (maybe one inch) square of metal that sits between the support bar and the cage. The customer...
  11. Chinchilla63

    New design for FN 182?

    Trying one more photo At first one was sideways and a little hard to see, sorry!
  12. Chinchilla63

    New design for FN 182?

    I just finished putting together my new FN 182 cage, I already have 2 Critter Nation cages. I actually took this one apart and put it back together, I thought I'd done something wrong. There's an extra bar across the bottom, front and back, plus this weird "support cube" that goes between the...
  13. Chinchilla63

    Chin jealousy

    First of all, congrats on your new chins! Can you take Pippin out and put him in a playpen or somewhere safe, and then spend some time talking to Merry while he's still in the cage? Even if he's hiding, if you stand there and talk to him softly and offer him toys or sticks, he'll get used to...
  14. Chinchilla63

    ate eraser - help!

    One of my girls LOVES erasers...found that out the hard way, lol! My daughters like to do their homework on the floor during playtime and Miss Fuzzbutt grabs a pencil and runs every chance she gets. Fortunately, it's hard to hold a pencil in your mouth and move very quickly if you're a...
  15. Chinchilla63

    Why do my girls throw poop at me?

    ROTFL!!! I have a girl who does this, and looks surprised every time she falls off!
  16. Chinchilla63

    Doesn't like to be picked up...

    I have 3 girls, all rescues, and their reactions to being handled range from "I don't like you picking me up, but okay" to "I'm going to spray you with urine and behave like you're killing me every time you touch me". None of them go for the dust bath trick (they bite me if I try it) and hate...
  17. Chinchilla63


    I have two girls who are diehard fleece pee-ers (is that a word? It should be, lol). The only place I have fleece is inside their house, I have a piece that just fits so the house holds the fleece in place. If the fleece is small enough for them to move it, they will crumple it up and pee on it...
  18. Chinchilla63

    Supplies I plan on getting (is this good?)

    I didn't see any wood on your list, did I miss it? Apple or pear sticks are usually popular. If you're buying rosehips from Ronda she can help you out with a starter pack. Also, 2 out of my 3 chins don't like the rose hips, they'll eat either rosebuds, rose petals, or the crushed hips. You may...
  19. Chinchilla63


    I love her pretty face! Such a sweet expression!