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  1. Devynthecatwithsocks

    Living in two places?

    changing locations like that, that often will just cause her unnesscary stress. My opinion would be to have her stay with ur mom and visit as often as u can, and getting her a companion definalty wouldn't hurt the situation
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    Looking for an Baby Ebony Male chinchilla In Southern California

    I know of a breeder but she lives in the bay area. Lmk if u want her contact
  3. Devynthecatwithsocks

    Looking For A Dark Ebony Male and A Mosaic, Pink White or Wilson White Female!

    Theres a breeder in northern california that i can hook you up with. In janurary she goes to a chinchilla convention in fraiser park so u guys can meet up half way there. Lmk. Theres also a rescue in Orange County that has a mosiac female. Not sure if ur intrested in rescuing tho
  4. Devynthecatwithsocks

    Chinchilla limping

    Its been a few weeks and shes using the leg a bit more but still not putting a lot of pressure on it and is using the other hind leg to carry most of her weight. Ik this will prolly never change but will she have an increased risk of arthritis and joint pain cuz shes more dependent on her other...
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    I can feel a small layer of fat between her ribs. No when shes on all fours then i cant feel her spine
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    Considering getting a new animal, need opinions

    My first chinchilla spent all of her life alone until she was 4. She is super dominant and territorial and did not like the new chin at first. After a week they were completely bonded and are inseparable. I personally think its a great idea to get another chinchilla for urs to have a companion...
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    So my new chinchilla has gone through some medical issues and she has lost quite a bit of weight. Shes gained a lot of it back but i can feel her spine when i pet her when shes in a sitting position. She doesn't have much fur on her back rn as she lost it from being spooked at the vet. Is she...
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    Chin with Malo

    idk what their treatment plan looks like but they are getting us into their vet on thuresday and helping us with her care. She seems to be doing better already. Shes no longer drooling and her energy level is higher. Shes gained so much weight now that she can actually eat. hopefully it isn't...
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    Chin with Malo

    So we took her to our vet and they did an examination and noticed her top left molar are slightly slanted but that caused an ulcer on the bottom gum which is why she was drooling. They weren't able to do x-rays that's day but from what we can tell it's not bad. The rescue is helping us with her...
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    Chin with Malo

    Some pekp pekple are telling me it's completely treatble and she'll be ok but others are saying it's not worth trying to fix cuz she'll be in pain forever and to just put her down. Hase anyone had success in treating malo in their chins??
  11. Devynthecatwithsocks

    Chin with Malo

    I don't believe they looked at the back molars with a scope. They definitely didn't do x-rays. They said her front teeth looked fine so they figured she was ok. Since I've had her she hasn't chewed on anything at all. She's still eating tho. Despite the pain she is continuing to try to eat as...
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    Chin with Malo

    Hi so i rescued my second chinchilla 3 weeks ago and we were told she showed symptoms of teeth issues but they had her checked out mupltipe times and she look fine. Since we got her i suspected it was malo, especially considering the symptoms she was already displaying, hunching, grinding teeth...
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    Chinchilla limping

    I did ask the vet, they said she may have the limp permantly. She wasn't prescribed any pain killers, just the antibiotics and anti inflammiotry so she was definalty in a lot of pain.
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    Cooling tricks

    Due to fire hazards our power gets shut off during out hot season alot as well so I ussually have granite slabs that I put in the freezer and switch fresh ones in and out. Make sure the water has ice in it to keep them cool. U can fill a jar with water and stick it in the freezer and then into...
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    Chinchilla limping

    Hi so my chinchilla cut her leg on wednesday at about 1 am. The vet cleared her for breaks and sent us home with some antibiotics and anti immflamiroty. She is running around more now but she puts very little pressure on the leg and limps around mostly. Is there anyway i can help her stop limping?
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    4 month female chinchilla for sale -Sacramento

    how much are u selling her for
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    Who takes Chins?

    you can give it to a petstore or a rescue nearby. Or even find someone who is willing to take it in
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    Triple Ferret Nation Cages

    Yes 3 floors is not too many. I added a third level to my chins cage and i left the food, water, and hay as they were since she was used to them being there.
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    Wood ladders

    yes! This is what i was looking around for. Thank you!