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  1. JennyBug

    Guess what I've been doing...

    OK, so I have not posted in forever... I had a bout with preeclampsia in May, and I was put on bedrest. My doctor decid ed to induce early. After about 11 hours of labor, I was not dialating properly, my daughter's heart rate was slowing down, and my blood pressure was way too high, so my...
  2. JennyBug

    A happy and sad day...

    I just had a wonderful, joint baby shower with several of my coworkers. We ate, laughed, and had a great time. At 4:30, I'm expected at my superintendent's office. I will be picking up my notice that I am losing my job next year due to a reduction in force. It's hard to be excited knowing...
  3. JennyBug

    Pet insurance

    If you have an emergency clinic near you that services small animals, I would check there. Most vets should also be able to get information for you. While the monthly payments can be pricey, if you have a lot of animals and frequent vet bills, it would be worth looking into. When Bear had to...
  4. JennyBug

    Rodent problems

    As much as I hate the thought of them, the snap traps work the best. The mice are typically killed quickly, but it can sometimes be messy. There are ads for a couple of things that I have seen lately: 1. the traps the you don't have to look in - you toss the whole trap when it goes off (a...
  5. JennyBug

    On the Bandwagon

    Awww, cute little belly!!! I'm starting to look like one of the Fantasia hippos myself... We'll have to have girly stuff making parties!!! Congrats on the beautiful, healthy baby girl!!!
  6. JennyBug

    Guess what I've been doing...

    She's a girl! We had our 20 week ultrasound, and the tech said everything looked perfect. My husband is in shock - I think he realized he will eventually have to raise a teenage girl!
  7. JennyBug

    What a creep!

    All he needs is a little Snidely Whiplash mustache to twirl and he'll be all set!! Definitely a 10 on the creeper scale! ;)
  8. JennyBug

    roach infestation i need help!

    YUCK!! Before we moved to our current house, I had never even seen a "wild" roach, only feeder bugs. The first time I saw one, I started sobbing because I thought it meant our house was dirty. We were lucky - we get only the occasional roach, and they are the kind that tend to come from the...
  9. JennyBug

    Guess what I've been doing...

    Haha, RJ is in no way patient enough to wait for the lower half to emerge, and I'm not really either!! Kudos to you for your self-control!
  10. JennyBug

    chins playing with other pets

    My cats have never shown any interest in my chinchillas, but I would NEVER let them "play" together because, honestly, it wouldn't be playing - unless you count "playing with your food" as "playing". I wouldn't even hold a chin up to a cat to let him/her sniff her. Too much could happen too...
  11. JennyBug

    Guess what I've been doing...

    We find out the sex of the baby on January 19 (next Wednesday)!! It's funny. Our families are really split on what they think the sex is. Half are positive we're having a little girl, and half swear a little boy is on the way :-) As for the husband and me, we're just hoping for a happy...
  12. JennyBug

    Argh! Craigslist people!!

    "I am a published author"? Which language would that be in? Her replies seriously made me dizzy, somewhere there's an English teacher just shrugging their shoulders." I would be that English teacher. Rather than shrugging, however, I am hitting my head against the wall.
  13. JennyBug

    The Walking Dead

    OK, so I'm a total freak, but zombies are my BIGGEST fear!!! I am aware that this is completely irrational. I don't know why, but I am TERRIFIED of the prospect of the living dead. My husband has explained to me multiple times that it cannot happen due to the body's response to death, but it...
  14. JennyBug

    Secret Santa 2010: What did you get?!

    I can't post pics, but my girls got an AWESOME wooden house with a pillow to match, some chinnie flower salad, and some critter cookies! They are SOOOO happy! :) Thanks, Secret Santa!!!
  15. JennyBug

    You Know You Own/Are owned by Chinchillas When...

    When you enter a Secret Santa group to get a present for your chins, then get RIDICULOUSLY excited when they get something really cool!
  16. JennyBug

    Very sad news, please keep her in your thoughts

    a.) Hearing voices is a major sign of schizophrenia. She needs to be treated for that if it comes up that she has it. Has she been evaluated for it yet? Is she being honest with her doctors about her auditory hallucinations? b.) IF (big if) this does have something to do with the Tarot...
  17. JennyBug

    URGENT!!!! Sunny's having loads of serious health issues and I don't know what to do!

    I'm so sorry about Sunny. You did everything you could, and he passed loved.
  18. JennyBug

    ~Do you have a back up cage?

    I have two FN142's (one with the add-on) so chins can be separated, two show cages, three carriers, one cage from a chinchilla starter kit (not a bad cage, actually), one old cage, and one collapsible, very large cage. ALWAYS be prepared!!! :)
  19. JennyBug

    Guess what I've been doing...

    ... GROWING A BABY!!!! I've been bursting to tell people, but we wanted to wait until I was three months along (it's been REALLY hard!). The husband and I are very excited, and I am due on June 9, which, since I'm a teacher, is a very good time. This is my first baby, and everything so far...
  20. JennyBug

    One of my girls has a naked butt! :(

    Well, it hasn't gotten any bigger, and she is still acting fine, so that is good. She also seems to be getting a very light peach fuzz. I need to take a picture... her butt is so sad!