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  1. Nerk

    Suggestions for dust bath

    For three of my girls I use the old plastic dust houses, I'm not sure if they make those anymore. I'm going to switch soon to a glass container. For the fourth I use a Pyrex mixing bowl. She used to have a house but she kept getting wheeping eyes after dust baths. I switched to something more...
  2. Nerk


    Oh my gosh, 23 years old! Wow, she must have the most excellent care, any tips or advice? I was not here for Chins and Quills, I started in 2013 with my now 13 year old chin. Welcome back!
  3. Nerk

    Male chin rehome in Wisconsin

    I live in Wisconsin but I'm unable to take him unfortunately as I only have females. If you're near the Fox Valley area get in touch with K&R Small Animal Sanctuary, they may be able to help. Though note they are foster based.
  4. Nerk

    Renovation Noise

    We had our roof done this past January(complete tear off too). I agree with some sort of white noise, we did a loud fan, although I know that probably didn't help much when they were above their room. They didn't seem to really mind. I'd pop in when I could and they were usually sleeping.
  5. Nerk

    Getting a second chinchilla??

    I'd say if your willing to have two separately caged chinchillas if it comes down to it, go for it! She could really like a friend, like I said before they can be pretty unpredictable. There are some great threads on here about bonding methods that you could read up on too.
  6. Nerk

    Getting a second chinchilla??

    Hello! Maybe you could try a Chinnie Buddy to see how she'll react with it for a start. Chins can be pretty unpredictable when it comes to how they'll react to other chins, especially if they aren't used to them. Just know you may end up having to house them separately if things don't work out...
  7. Nerk

    One red ear

    I call that The Sleepy Ear.
  8. Nerk

    New chinchilla

    I would give new chins a 30 day quarantine. Let them get aclamaited to their new surroundings. When it does come time to have them closer do it slowly. I tried to bond two females for close to 6 months before admitting to myself my oldest was just too territorial(she's 13 now and prefers to be a...
  9. Nerk

    Lava Ledges

    It sounds like you have an awesome selection of toys already. You can get them on, it looks like they may be on sale too, if need be but by the sounds of the chews you have if they happen to run out of lava ledges for a bit they will be okay.
  10. Nerk


    I just made about 48 ledges yesterday and it took my husband and a little over an hour, it cost under 50 dollars. I've always followed the guide on here. Like Gus suggested lava ledges are a good add to wooden ones. I personally wouldn't make those my main ledges as my chins chew those fast...
  11. Nerk

    I'm stuck at home so....

    Hey everyone! It's been forever since I've posted on here. As of right now I'm stuck at home for two weeks or so. I've decided this will be a great opportunity to revamp my girls cages and actually move them each into their own full ferret nations! Right now I have one Chin on each level(4 girls...
  12. Nerk

    Ferret or Critter Nation? Find used? And help outfitting new cage

    I've had both and completely go by FN. I used CN as my quarantine cage, but gave it away once I decided on no more chinchillas (for now). The FN does have sturdier bars and I found some ledge hardware and water bottles hard to fit through the smaller opening(I have lixit bottles and like to keep...
  13. Nerk

    Weirdest thing they've run off with?

    What is the weirdest thing your chinchilla has snatched up and ran off with? I've gotten glasses stolen off my face and my phone dragged away. Tonight took the cake, I was getting some grooms(my eye lashes/brows) from my youngest chinchilla Sage after cage cleaning when all of a sudden she...
  14. Nerk

    Massive Tuft

    One of my chinchillas,Lily, had a massive tuft of fur on her hind end. I've never seen one this big on any of them. She's a chin that likes to keep to herself, and I recently changed up her cage a little bit, could that lead to stress? None of the other chins can get to her.
  15. Nerk

    The Face of Evil!

    Sweet Baby Sage
  16. Nerk

    The Face of Evil!

    Well, I'm back with two new chins I don't think I've shared! The first one is my violet Willow, she's such a sweet/evil girl. She likes to sit on my shoulder and chirp and groom, but as soon as the opportunity comes around BAM she books it across the chinchilla room and plays hard to get. I...
  17. Nerk

    First Rodent?

    My first was a hamster, then a guinea pig, then a hamster again, and then chinchillas(we also recently adopted a guinea pig and I forgot how loud they can be haha.). I have to agree with Cass- chinchillas are by far my favorite rodent.
  18. Nerk

    YOUR Brand?

    I used to do Oxbow but it was very pricey after I got my fourth chinchilla. I now use Manna PRO SHO, I've never had a problem and we also own a large rabbit(who was on Oxbow as well) so we split the food up and freeze what we don't use right away.
  19. Nerk

    Best Place to buy Kiln Dried Pine

    Hello, It's been a while since I've posted here but I really need some advice. I'm looking to redo my chin's cages entirely and I'm looking for the best place to buy Kiln Dried Pine lumber. I used to get it at Menards but last time I took a look they were out. In my area we have...
  20. Nerk

    Rolling in pee

    My little Willow rolls in her peed on bedding. Well she kicked out the bedding... and peed straight on the pan and rolled, this is what I'm assuming because I've witnessed her doing this before, she's acting completely normal, and I found a puddle of urine. This is what I woke up to find. She is...