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    Advice about a newly-purchased baby chin passing away after 2 weeks

    Hi folks, At this time I do not want to share the breeder's information. I purchased two baby brothers on Jan 4 at roughly 3 months old. Their fecal test, that I submitted a week after I got them, showed 3-10 giardia cysts per field (which I've been told is a lot). They had no contact with...
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    Wood from a tree with apple scab?

    Is it safe to give chins wood from an apple tree that has apple scab? I've read that the apples from those trees are safe for humans to eat. I would be prepping them the usual way (wash, boil, bake). Thanks!
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    Vet in southern Oregon?

    Does anyone know of a chinnie vet in southern Oregon? I might be moving to Medford, and I need to find a vet near there! Many thanks for any help -
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    Sneezing and snuffling in cage corner

    Hi all, My chin TJ has been acting a bit strangely. He'll clear out a corner of the cage behind the wheel, down to the cage floor, then stuff his face in the corner. It must be dusty, because he keeps sneezing. The thing is, he'll just sit there with his face smooshed, sneezing, for a few...
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    Emergency vet, or wait til Monday?

    Hi all, I'm trying to decide if I should take my chin to the emergency vet tomorrow, or wait until Monday. I just noticed what looked at first like blood (but it may just have been mucus) where one of my chins had been sitting. I took her to the bathroom to investigate and there was...
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    Totally passed out

    I happened to find TJ and Dumplin like this the other day....OMG....
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    Handling or picking up chins

    Hi all, Here's the situation: It's getting to be winter, and I want to put Bag Balm on my chinnies' feet (so they don't crack like one did last year). But, I'm having a hard time getting each one out of the cage... TJ usually comes up to the door and I scoop him up no problem. Fran and...
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    Three chins per tube!

    I have three chinnies in the same cage, and they each have their own fleece tubes....I have seen them often each in their own tube, and also two chins per tube, but yesterday I saw the HOLY GRAIL!! The elusive THREE chins per tube!! I wasn't sure if they would fit, but they...
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    RIP my sweet Buster

    Buster was only with me for two months, but he has a special place in my heart. I'd like to share some photos of his time with me. He was put down in early March after struggling with GI stasis and most likely malo. This is the first night I got him. A week later. Two weeks. Con't.
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    Update on Buster's health

    Hi all, It's been a few weeks since I've posted about Buster, but mostly because the news has been less than stellar. :( Here's a previous post about him: After he came home from the vet, I was without a working scale for a few days...
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    Skinniest chin?

    For those that take rescues, how much did your skinniest chin (that recovered) weigh?
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    My sad Buster

    Here are some pics of Buster. He's still getting over his GI stasis and upper respiratory infection.... BUT he's been climbing on me, then FALLING ASLEEP! I luckily had my camera phone with me tonight, and caught a few pics before the battery died...
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    Chinnie myths?

    Do you have a favorite chinnie myth? Mine is, "If you cut a chin's fur, it will go blind." Any others?! XD
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    Belle is getting larger...

    My rescued chinnie Belle seems to be filling out...but I don't know if it's from good food and hay, or kits.. :O When I got her she weighed 560 g (Jan. 8). Now she weighs 620 g....! Does anyone know how quickly chins gain weight? Is gaining 60 g in a month common when switching to a good...
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    Transitioning off of Critical Care

    Is there anything I can do to help Buster start eating and drinking on his own again? I've started decreasing the amount of CC given at each feeding, but he's still not eating his pellets...(I've been watching his weight, and it's stable) Thanks!
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    Update on Buster

    I've been treating Buster for GI stasis since February 2. He started pooing a small amount on Feb. 4. I brought him back to the vet on the 5th, though, because his eye looked goopy, and got eye drops. The doc took X-rays (no blockages!), increased the metoclopramide and added subQ fluids to...
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    Buster and X-rays

    Buster has started pooing, but not a whole lot, so I took him back to the vet this morning. They took some X-rays, so I thought I would post them here for people to see. I'm to continue with the Critical Care, tummy rubs, exercise, and increase his metoclopramide, add subQ fluids and...
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    Gut stasis

    *sigh* Buster stopped pooing, so I took him to the vet. They gave me critical care, as well as a medication: Metoclopramide syrup. The directions are, 0.3 mL three times a day for 10 days. Does this sound right? I haven't had to deal with this (medical issue) until now, so any suggestions...
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    Grinding teeth?

    Do chins grind their teeth when they're annoyed? I've heard my other chins make quiet teeth-grinding sounds, but Buster makes really loud ones. Thanks!
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    Minnesota - Twin Cities Area Como Park Animal Hospital 1014 North Dale Street St. Paul, MN 55117 (651)487-3255 Treats both chins and hedgies, as well as other small animals, birds, dogs, cats, etc. I've had really good experiences here. They have a small pet specialist (Dr Casey)...