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  1. naomi_brightt

    Quarentine cage redo!

    I decided to upgrade my chins from plastic shelves lined with fleece to a fully wooden cage. Was not cheap or particularly easy, but I love how it turned out and knowing they're safe makes it all worth it, my standard grey learnt how to unpick stitches which helped boost my decision along!!! I...
  2. naomi_brightt

    Kiln dried oak?

    So I want to remake the platforms in my chins' cage and have been trying to find safe wood... I was wondering is kiln dried oak safe? Thanks!!!
  3. naomi_brightt

    Feeding with 2...

    So was just wondering how do people with 2 chins feed them but also make sure they are both eating healthy amounts... Should I feed them in different points of the cage? Or do I just let them eat out of each others bowls... They happily sit together and share 1 bowl
  4. naomi_brightt

    My boys

    So I got my second chin today 🎉 and with the help of the breeder, they are already together (I know this isn't advised) but they are so happy together and I was so worried they wouldn't get on! I just looked over to see them grooming each other already! :)
  5. naomi_brightt

    2nd chin!!!

    So I am going to get a brother for my 1 year old boy and was wondering whether the age gap matters. Would it be better to go for a slightly bigger age gap? I have the option of a 6month old chin or 9week old that has been with his mum
  6. naomi_brightt

    Bonding chins?

    So, I have one fluffy boy currently but am thinking about maybe getting another... What are tips and tricks with helping chinchillas bond? Also is there anyway to know if a chinchilla will likely not bond? Anything about bonding would help!
  7. naomi_brightt

    Are these safe??

    So I have recently bought this for my little man, I was wondering what these types of toys are made of and whether they're safe? Thanks :)
  8. naomi_brightt

    Chinchilla untrained himself?

    So my chinchilla litter trained himself basically, but in the last few weeks he has just been peeing around it and not in it, is there anything I can do?
  9. naomi_brightt

    Hair ring help!

    Soooo, about a month ago I removed a hair ring from my chin and I went to do another check today but he wriggled loads, shed hair and squawked quite a bit... Any tips?! Thanks!
  10. naomi_brightt

    What to do in summer?

    Is there a temperature in which you shouldn't let your chin out for play time? I want to do what's best for my boy :)
  11. naomi_brightt

    Chin with attitude!

    Hi all, so my lil boy, Chiko, has got a proper attitude and hops around like he owns the place! I've only had him for just over a month! I've heard of chinchillas owning you not the other way around but I was surprised at how quickly it happened! 😂 Does anyone know any ways to decrease...
  12. naomi_brightt

    Cleaning a stained litter tray...

    Hi, so I'm a relatively new chin mum (very happily so might I add ☺️) and my lil chin has pretty much litter trained himself. As much as this makes my life easy, he's managed to already stain his baking tray that I use and he's only had it for about 2/3 weeks. Is this normal or does anyone know...