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    Dried Flower Consumption

    I recently received a treat sampler pack from an ETSY vendor which contained dried hibiscus and chamomile. Does anyone know how much dried flowers a chin may consume and still not be considered detrimental to their digestive system?
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    Modifying a Ryerson Carrier

    Does anyone have an idea on how to modify a Ryerson carrier? I received my double carrier the other day and for the most part I am pretty impressed with its construction and design. However, I'm not to keen on the latch for the mesh doors. Has anyone changed out the latch for something like on...
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    Funny Training Behavior

    Yesterday, my chin named Squeak, exhibited a funny but cute behavior during our training session. Let me set the table. Squeak unlike her sister, Pip, has a rather narrow rat looking face and beadier eyes. LOL. She also has slightly longer paws than her sibling. For a few weeks, I was watching a...
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    Quality Cage Litter Pan

    Josh Paulson, the creator of the ChinSpin, sent me the QC chinchilla litter pan. I am thoroughly satisfied with his design and craftsmanship. It has high walls on two sides and fits into a cage corner. My chins can pee and poop through the mesh without kicking out the bedding vastly reducing my...
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    Carrier Training Methods

    It took my chins about a month to get socialized with me! They would never jump on me during their outside cage playtime until yesterday. Yesterday was the first time they actually reached out from their cage and climbed on my hand and up my arm. I was using crushed rose hips or rolled oats as...
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    Hawaii Chin Owners

    It's a fact that Hawaii has one of the highest costs of living in the United States. However, if you're going to be a chin owner in Hawaii DO NOT skimp on the necessities for these particular pets. I have seen other forums (not necessarily this one) where Hawaii chin owners try to get around the...
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    Odd Chin Eating Habit

    One of my chins eats her Oxbow pellets very oddly. She holds her pellet and nibbles it down to where she is holding onto the remaining portion of the pellet. She then sniffs it and tosses that portion on the floor of the cage!!! Is this weird, eccentric, just plain OCD-like or is she just a...
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    Reorganizing Cage Setup

    How often do you change up the cage setup in order to avoid chins becoming bored? I'm just curious how often other owners reorganize their cages.
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    All Metal Chinchilla Carriers: Ryerson, Bass Equipment, Quality Cage Crafters

    Does anyone have photos of these types of chin carriers? I 'd like to get a perspective of its size with two chins in the carriers. I heard the Ryerson carriers are really well constructed at an affordable price. I was using a small cat/dog Petmate carrier for my chins recent vet visit but I'm...
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    Dr. Lydia Lam, Oahu, Hawaii

    Dr. Lydia Lam at the VCA Family and Oahu Veterinary Specialty Center located in Pearl City, Oahu, Hawaii took real good care of my two chins. Her and her assistant were really careful handling my chins and were very thorough in answering my concerns. Can't say enough about Dr. Lam's facility as...
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    Weighing Chins and Scales

    I just got a clean bill of health for my chins from their vet. She used a scale to weigh my chins which was accurate to the gram. How often are you supposed to weigh chins (I forgot to ask this to my vet)? What are the more popular brands of scales chins owners use?
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    3 Story Critter Nation Cage Setup

    Does anyone have a 3 Story CN cage setup that they can share? I'd like to see some photos of various layouts. I'm very interested in seeing how other chin owners have divided up their cage or if they kept it wide open providing the chins a lot of space for jumping. Any photos of your various...
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    ETSY Chinchilla Vendors

    Shout out to these remarkable vendors on ETSY: Lucas Shorey of Chinvilla Marissa Dycus of LotsofCuddlesByRissa Kristen Vine of FluffyFeetDesigns Mark and Viktoria of WoodandBeads Chirping Chins Joshua Paulson of Quality Cage Crafters Tiff and Kurt of Pet Revolution You guys made my life and...
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    CareFresh vs Kiln Dried Pine bedding

    What is the safest bedding between the two? What are the pros and cons? Fortunately my chins are now potty trained. I was able to use a glass baking pan and limit their space options by placing it in one corner.
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    Bee Pollen

    I just purchased a treat sampler/variety pack from a seller on ETSY. It contains about 10 treats. One of the treats is Bee Pollen. I have never heard or read about this as being a chin treat. The rest of the treats are the typical dried treats like hibiscus, rose hips, goji berries, oats, etc...
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    Bath Dust on ChinSpin

    A few days ago, I gave my pair of chins their first dust bath after I acquired them. For their first bath I put their 1 gallon penny jar in their CN cage. After they were done, they decided a run on the ChinSpin was in order. I try to sweep up as much dust as possible from inside the ChinSpin...
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    Microwave Dried Hibiscus Flowers

    Living in Hawaii, I have an abundance of Hibiscus flowers on my property. I'd like to use them as treats if my chins have an appetite for them. Does someone have a prepping and drying technique using the microwave? I want to make sure I don't burn the flowers and try to preserve much of its...
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    Cage Occupants

    I have a two story Critter Nation cage with two chins. Assuming I get future chins and they all get along in the cage, How many adult chins, excluding kits, can comfortably live in a two story Critter Nation cage?
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    Goldbar kits

    Just out of curiosity, if a litter of kits are born Goldbar, what mutation are the parents normally?
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    Goldbar kits

    Just out of curiosity, if a litter of kits are born Goldbar, what mutation are the parents normally?