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    So, I got my chinchilla last Sunday and litter trained him within a week! He goes in the litter box every time, which is great! Exept now only goes in bowls, wherever he goes! Including in his dust bath house. Idk how to get him to stop or even if there is a way, but I'm having to throw out new...
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    Meet Chico

    I have been on here for a few months, I know. This isn't an introduction for me, it's for my newly adopted chin, Chico! I have been trying to convince my parents to let me get a chinchilla for nearly 2 years! They finally gave in and I put a deposit down on a baby from a breeder called "Lone...
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    Post pics here of your new chinchilla!

    Got a chinchilla recently? Or have pictures of him/her? Post them here! We would love to see your new addition to the family! Or even if theyre not new, we love seeing furbabies!
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    What to put in a chinchilla travel cage?

    I am picking up my 8 week old chin this weekend! I'm super exited as it is my first! I have all the supplies, a critter nation cage, etc needed but I don't know what to bring when I go to pick him up. I have one of those cat travel carriers but I don't know what to put in it. We raise puppies...
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    Pictures for @Amethyst

    Fleece blanket
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    Anyone else have ducks on here?

    These are mine...they are tame and so sweet! The are pekin ducks, otherwise called "domestic ducks" (they are one of the biggest breeds) They eat out of my hand, let me hold them, are so cute while taking a bath and we get 21 eggs per week with 3 girls! The eggs are double the size of a chicken...
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    Baby Chinchilla Diet: Hay

    My breeder finally messaged me about my baby! He is currently 3 weeks old!(I'll attach a pic) I have waited so long to get one and will pick him up on April 27 when he is 9 weeks old! I am getting Mazuri pellets from the feed store because I heard its the best and that's what my breeder is...
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    Chinchilla from pet store

    I have planned to get a chinchilla from a breeder (Lone Star Chinchilla) so i made an advance deposit and now I am second guessing my decision. I am torn, the reason I decided to go with a breeder is 1. Because I thought the ones from the pet stores weren't healthy 2. I wanted a baby so i could...
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    Tile bedding

    Getting a baby (8 week old) chinchilla and im worried about the coming summer...I have an AC and getting a chinchiller but I don't want her to overheat as I live in a fairly warm climate (Texas). @Amethyst recommended fleece, which I was planning on doing the 2nd floor fleece but I'm thinking...
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    Bonding With A Baby Chinchilla

    This lady: says playtime is how you typically bond with them but according to @Amethyst, playtime can make chins under 6 months overheat... How else can I bond with them? Im gonna have 6 siblings, 5 which are under 6, including one that will be newborn...I've heard to not handle them at all the...
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    Chinchilla Common Sickness

    What are some common sicknesses in chinchillas? I know dental disease but what else do chins get?
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    Is this right?

    I want only the best. Be completely honest! Food: Mazuri Chinchilla Pellets Water: Bottled water in a glass drip bottle Hay: Primarily Timothy but add in small amounts of other types Bedding: Tile slabs from lowes Temp: 60°-70° Farenheit Cage: Double Critter Nation Material in cage: Certian...
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    How to avoid dental disease in chinchillas

    I dont have a chinchilla yet but I'm getting one. Anyone know anything about dental disease? Like, how to prevent, how to treat, etc... @Amethyst do you have any info on this subject?
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    Are these supplies high quality?

    Are these supplies high quality? Im trying to get ONLY the best! Here is the checklist and the links to each item... Glass water bottle AMAZON: A dust bath house MY BREEDER...
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    Lone Star Chinchilla

    I am purchasing a baby from lone star chinchilla and was wondering if anyone had ever gotten and baby from them? Are they good breeders? Are they trustworthy? They seem really nice but just wanted to see what everyone thought... I know most of their products are high quality!
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    High Quality Chinchilla cage for under $150

    I am getting a chinchilla in a couple of months and need a high quality cage. Preferably one alot like the critter nation one, but one that is a little more affordable. The critter nation is like $250.(will replace the ramps, floors, etc)
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    Questions to ask breeder?

    What questions should I ask my breeder when I pick my baby girl/boy up? It's my first chin! Really excited!! Can anyone help?
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    Baby Chinchilla Care

    I'm gonna make this simple. I need any info on raising chinchillas as I have never had one before. I'm on the waiting list for a baby and can't wait! I'm new here and would love help. I've researched alot but would love help from experienced owners! Again, I'm getting a baby so info on caring...