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  1. Maggie:-)

    Question about rats (not pets)

    So last week something had gotten Into our cabinets and eaten our cereal and popped our juice boxes. We thought was a mouse until I discovered a couple poops and realized it had to be a rat because the poop was no tiny mouse poop. Well I was in my cellar tonight doing the laundry and I saw a...
  2. Maggie:-)

    Pictures :-)

    Wanted to share some pics of Maggie but I can't figure out why they always come up sideways and upside down?! Does anyone know??
  3. Maggie:-)


    Why does my avatar turn sideways no matter what picture I try?!?!
  4. Maggie:-)


    When I first got Maggie she had tons of fleece,she had a fleece covered tube,fleece liners,little fleece blankets. And she never peed on them. Now I've had to take out her hammock and everything because she pees on it EVERyTIME I put it in the cage. Does anyone else's chin do this?! I don't know...
  5. Maggie:-)

    2 chins,better then 1?

    So I've had my chin Maggie for a year now and I would like to get another. But I want it to eventually live in Maggie's cage with her. I know there is no way to know if she will get along with another chin. BUT can someone tell me how likely it will be that they will get along? And would it be...
  6. Maggie:-)

    How to make chinspin more quiet?!

    My chin Maggie has a chinspin,it is so noisey it rattles the whole cage when she runs on it. Is there anything that can be done to make it more quiet?! I have heard of otheres putting a piece of wood or somthing behind it?! Can anyone tell me what works and pictures would be helpful :-)
  7. Maggie:-)

    Question about being pregnant and careing for chins

    I am newly pregnant. I have had my chin maggie since december. Me and my four year old son are the only ones that know how to take care of her. He gives her sticks and loofahs,plays with her,feeds her,and sweeps up any poop she throws on the floor. But i clean her cage everday,am i risking...
  8. Maggie:-)

    Kitty litter

    I cant seem to find a good kitty litter. When i try to scoop the kind i have it all crumbles instead of 'clumping'. Does anyone have a good brand they could tell me about? And has anyone ever used that litter that looks like blue crystals?! I would like to try it but i dont know what my cat...
  9. Maggie:-)

    Chin company

    I was just wondering in general if chinchillas are happier with a playmate of the same sex?! Im sure its mostly about the chins personality but im just curious how many people have more then one chin in the same cage? And do the chins prefer to play with there chinnyfreinds instead of there...
  10. Maggie:-)

    Looking for custom wood house

    Hi i am wondering if anyone on here can make me a wood house for Maggie. 15 inches long,10 inches wide,and 10 inches tall,somewhere around that. And also i want a shelf about 12 inches long with a hayrack attached if possible And a heart shaped wooden name plate to hang on cage. :-)
  11. Maggie:-)

    Couple questions

    Okay i have two completly diff questions,the first and most important is- For those of you that dont know,maggie(my chin) had giardia. She seems to have gotten rid of it. Her poop has not been squishy and she has been acting back to normal for over a week now. I want to bring her to the vet to...
  12. Maggie:-)

    Water bottle help!!

    Last week my water bottle started leaking so i went out and bought an expensive glass one. Well i came home from work to discover it didnt look like any water was coming out of it. I am so pissed its not even a week old and that means maggie went all day with no water. I will always make sure i...
  13. Maggie:-)


    I was just wondering if anyone knows about the fleece at jo ann fabrics. I go there alot to get material for blankets for my son and other kids and i know they have fleece there but i wanted to know if it is safe for chins, i know there are diff kinds,are they all safe?
  14. Maggie:-)

    Friendly chin!!

    When i got Maggie i had expected her to be hiding and scared for quite awhile after everything i had read about chinchillas. My 4 year old son had wanted a rabbit. I did some research on rabbits and read and heard from several people that they are territirial and bite often. Obviously i didnt...
  15. Maggie:-)


    Hi all. My chin maggie has been taking flagyl for ten days tomorow, twice daily ,1 ml. She still has smooshy poop. So she will need more medicibe BUT my question is should she get more flagyl?!! Or a diff medicine? And is she suppose to be off of it for a few days before taking medicine? Please...
  16. Maggie:-)

    Metal litter pan?

    Okay so i have fleece liners in maggies cage now and i have read alot of you guys say you use a litter box in the corner for your chinchilla to pee in.... I want to do that also but i didnt want to get a plastic one from the petstore so i was wondering if anyone knows of somewhere i can get a...
  17. Maggie:-)

    Can someone help me out

    My chinchilla Maggie has giardia and is taking medicine for it. I have quite a few questions to ask about it and was wondering if someone with experience could email me so i can ask my questions. Its just a pain for me to keep coming on here and resonding back and forth alot because i am on my...
  18. Maggie:-)

    Vet visit

    Hi my chinchilla maggie went to the vet for the first time today,so i just have a couple questions. I got her 6 weeks ago from petsmart where they said she was 3 or 4 months old. So i brought her to the vet today because she has been having soft stools off and on. The vet believes the soft stool...
  19. Maggie:-)

    Holding my chin

    I have had my female chin,Maggie for 6 weeks now. She doesnt seem to be frightened by me. When i walk over to the cage she is eagerly waiting at the door. She sometimes lets me pet and scratch her. I have only held her a few times when she was out playing and wouldnt go back in her cage. Ive...
  20. Maggie:-)


    Hi my name is nicole, i am new here. I got a chinchilla named maggie 6 weeks ago from petsmart. They said she was 3 or 4 months old but she looks full grown to me? Does anyone know about how old chinchillas usually are in petsmart?! She is doing great and everything is fine except she keeps...