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  1. Anna

    greasy-looking fur

    My chin Ralphy is around 7 years old. Ralphy is 800 g and eats like a pig, and is in great health with the exception of cataracts in his left eye without complication per vet. His fur really is greasy looking. His skin is okay, but his fur looks like he's been handled a ton without a bath. I...
  2. Anna

    Chin is losing weight

    Hey all, my little rescue girl Bella is losing weight. She's lost about 30 grams. She's decently chunky but her weight drop has been consistant. She still eats a lot, which is the weird thing. I don't think her eating habits have changed at all, and her feed (Mazuri) hasn't either. Her poops...
  3. Anna

    How much is too much?

    Usually when I feed the chinchillas daily, they eat about 3/4 of their food and I give the, new food at the end of the day. Well, every time I turn around hebe and Waldo's food bowls are empty. Or they're eating. I remember reading that their bowls should be filled constantly but I can't...
  4. Anna

    A Scary Incident

    I'm out of town for a few days and my chinchillas are watched by my room mate while I'm gone. She usually works 12 hour shifts (we're Paramedics) and had to pull a double, so she was gone 24 hours. Sometime in the night, our house was broken into using a utilities hole in the side of the house...
  5. Anna


    Ralphy seems to have cataracts forming. They kind of appeared out of nowhere and have gotten worse gradually. He doesn't seemed bothered at all. He still jumps everywhere, gets into everything imaginable and is overall his usual grumpy-lumpy self.... But lately, it seems like when I go to pick...
  6. Anna

    FACEBOOK USERS: vote for us!

    My dobie Gus and I entered a facebook photo contest, I would love for you to vote for us! Thank you so much :)) I don't think you have to like the app, just click on it. I really appreciate it! :heart:
  7. Anna

    going blind??

    Ralphy has slight discoloration/grey-blue clouding on his left eye, it's pretty small amount but definitely obvious. is he going blind? I dont know what to do. He's not old, but not super young either. i couldn't get a picture of it.... My thought is to take him to a vet, esp since I haven't...
  8. Anna

    double toobin'

    Little Hebe and Waldo are definitely getting along! Aside from not having any whiskers (both of them) I have seen very little dominance humping or any other types of altercations. Mostly they just sit in their tube together :heart:
  9. Anna

    All sorts of fur problems

    So, Ralphy's randomly chewed the end of his tail bald, which isn't the focus of this post. Furby, today, upon picking him up and such, I noticed has a fairly decent sized (quarter) patch where his fur is missing. The spot looks a little flaky and has some pink spots. Could this be a fungus of...
  10. Anna

    Waldo's secret identity.

    All those times where he shocked me when I picked him up, finally caught him in his true colors :P (bad photoshop i know)
  11. Anna

    Chewing tail??

    Well, Furby chews his fur and now Ralphy's tip of his tail is bald!! and the fur nearby is way shorter. Is this fur chewing? the rest of his coat looks fine...
  12. Anna


    Furby had not been eating since his run in with my roommate's boy-toy's jack russel terrier. He's recovered from his wounds but still isn't interested n food, so I've been hand feeding him as much as I can to keep his weight from dropping. Well that was a couple weeks ago and he still wasn't...
  13. Anna

    Cutest thing ever

    :heart: ralphy you can almost forget what a grump he is :P
  14. Anna

    Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmonyyy

    ... well.. so far. now they're back in their respective units. But I did let them play in one of the cages together while I watched! And took some photos. I figure I'll let them do that for a little while every day
  15. Anna

    Let the intros begin!

    I dare say it has been a month since I adopted Little Hebe from Tab! So he is out f quarantine. I'm going to hopefully pair him with Waldo. I've placed Hebe's cage next to Waldo's. Any suggestions as to make an intro work? Thanks
  16. Anna

    Furby Super Thin, Not Eating

    He's doing it again. He just won't eat much, he had to be hand-fed, and even though he loves the CC he won't take more than 10-15 ccs at a time. He's just getting thinner and thinner even though I'm trying to pump him full of food. I'm so frustrated, i just want him to get better.
  17. Anna

    Little Hebe's first bath!!

    well, with me, anyway. as soon as I pulled out the camera he just sat there and posed. I didn't get any good action shots but he does look adorable :-D
  18. Anna

    Lixit top-fill water bottles

    Im having trouble getting some of my chins to use these. Haven't even tried it with Furby yet, because I don't want to stress him out, but they're really cool. They don't leak and they use this weird valve system so the chin has to move the little nozzle around with it's tongue to get the water...
  19. Anna

    oye-when it rains it pours

    Well, i discovered Furby was all beat up today. I have no idea how this could have happened, he doesn't have anything sharp in his cage and he's not connected to any of the other chins. I'm taking him in tomorrow (I'll get bloodwork done too as per a previous post) He's dropped so much weight...
  20. Anna

    The Boys (and girl)

    Well I promised other photos of my chinnies besides Little Hebe and here they are! scamper scamper diva what's this? hello! i'm waldo. ralphy being ralphy