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  1. GorillaJTA

    RIP Flea

    I haven't been on the boards for a while. I have been avoiding chinchilla related stuff since early January. I blame myself because I had been in and out of the house a lot working extra shifts so I didn't get to spend as much time with him. Maybe I would have seen something wrong earlier...
  2. GorillaJTA

    Chin and chemo treatment

    It seemed like this would be the best section for this question, but mods please move if not. There is a strong likelihood that my lymphoma is back after 3 years. I did not have Flea last time my cancer hit, so it was not a concern, but this time the doctor wants to go more aggressive with the...
  3. GorillaJTA

    I hate it when a chinchilla eats the universe.

    If you go to google and start typing in "I hate it when c," it finishes it with "I hate it when chinchillas eat the universe." Discuss.
  4. GorillaJTA

    Flea dusting

    Since I haven't talked about Flea lately, I figured I would post a video of him. He is just as fat and irritable as ever, though he has put on some weight since he became a single chin.
  5. GorillaJTA

    Os penis?

    Most mammals (not including humans and higher primates) have a bone in their penis called the os penis (creative right?). I have found conflicting sources on whether or not the chinchilla has an os penis... Has anyone done a thorough dissection and found a penile bone? I ask because during a...
  6. GorillaJTA

    Fur chewing or priming?

    Flea and Tik have been together for over a year now, but Tik's attitude has escalated and he has become very antagonistic and sometimes very agressive toward Flea. Flea, for several months, has had really rough fur on his flanks which I attributed to priming. However, it never progresses, and...
  7. GorillaJTA

    Tiny Dancer

    Flea fancies himself a ballerina while drinking from his bottle... Sorry for the terrible quality- old iphone...
  8. GorillaJTA

    Exposing chins to virus...

    For whatever reason, stress or whatever, I have come up with a shingles rash. Shingles is caused by varicella zoster (chicken pox which is a herpes virus) and I know that other herpes viruses can be very dangerous for chins. Can I keep them in my room while it clears up or should I start...
  9. GorillaJTA

    Search Button

    Do you use it?
  10. GorillaJTA

    Laurie started breeding...

    For several months now, Laurie and I have been working on a secret chin breeding project. We are ready to unleash our specialized line of chins on the world. Our first example... The new mutation... Fierbrand He is a feisty red color and loves to run on his wheel and eat hay! Available only...
  11. GorillaJTA

    Chin for sale! Gotta go NOW!

    I have decided after much thought and contemplation that with my limited time and resources, I should have pets that appreciate me for my time and effort. That being said, Flea is a wonderful chinchilla who loves scritches and play time. Tik, on the other hand, will not let me within a foot of...
  12. GorillaJTA

    Flea and Tik update!

    So... What do you call a chin with one leg? Herman (sorry Laurie...) What do you call a chin with no legs? It doesn't matter! He won't come! :rofl: Ok.... terrible joke. Here is Flea asleep on his double hammock (that I am currently using as a level in the cage). And here is both the...
  13. GorillaJTA

    I am a big mean chin bully

    I have been dealing with some insomnia lately and the past few nights, it seemed like everytime I am about to fall asleep, the chins start in on their wheel. Tonight I was a big evil chin overlord and drilled a small hole in the back of the chin spin and stuck a bolt through it and through the...
  14. GorillaJTA

    Where did they go?

    A couple of days ago, I got home from work and went into my room to change clothes. I did my usual quick glance at the cage for the chins.... Ummmm.... Where are my chinchillas? :hair: Oh... there they are... Something I have to get fixed! Tik even brought a stick with him...:neener...
  15. GorillaJTA

    New years resolutions

    What are you guys' resolutions for 2011?
  16. GorillaJTA

    Help! Broke a candle globe thing...

    the dog knocked over a candle globe thing on my roommates coffee table set. This is the second one that broke and I am trying to find replacements. If anyone could tell me a technical name or where to find them, I would be eternally grateful... The base (where it sits in the holder is about 2...
  17. GorillaJTA

    Fairly new chinspin squeaking

    I got my chin spin back around June. The boys love it and rarely a day or night goes by that I don't hear a whirring wheel. However, for about the past week, it has been squeaking something fierce. Anybody had this problem on such a new chin spin? I am thinking about replacing the bearing and...
  18. GorillaJTA

    Flea and Tik

    Here are some new pic of my boys. Flea and Tik are both standards. Flea is about 10 months old and Tik is about 6 months old. Tik Tik: "My Precious...." (shreddie) Tik: "High Paw!" Flea and Tik: "Follow me, I know the way..." Flea and Tik: "Don't even think about it."
  19. GorillaJTA


    I got my bass pans and decided to do some arranging of the cage while I was putting them in. He is exploring his strange new setup where I moved the saucer to the top level out in the open. We also have Flea with his Superman pose.
  20. GorillaJTA

    I guess I never introduced myself.

    I never did this and I guess it is not too late. I am still a noob. I have had Flea, my standard male chin, for a month now. I received him as a gift from my roommates for having to put up with their dog and stuff. He is a pet store chin, so I don't know how old he is (I was hoping ya'll might...