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    Chin Dust Shipped

    Good Morning, I am looking for someone who ships Blue Cloud (or similar excellent quality) dust for a reasonable price. I would like at least 50 pounds shipped to me in Oregon, Zip code 97370 and don't want to pay a fortune to get it here. If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate...
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    Organic Suppliers and Chin Cookies?

    Hello, I am looking into ordering some organic chin salad components (rose hips, bee pollen, chamomile flowers, etc) and am wondering if there is a supplier that everyone likes. I found several online but would like first hand recommendations if anyone has any. Also, is anyone willing to share...
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    How Does He Do That??

    A couple of weeks ago we made new houses out of kiln dried pine boards and had a couple of scrap pieces left over. We gave the scrap pieces to our males as extra chew pieces. Yesterday I noticed that our Pink White male Casper had his on the very top shelf of his cage. I assumed that Joe had put...
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    How Can She Still Be Pregnant??

    Poor Roxy is just huge. She looks like she has swallowed a softball. I keep telling her that those babies have to be fully cooked by now but she isn't ready to give them up yet. It can't be much longer though...she doesn't have any more room to stretch!
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    Marking Babies?

    Good Evening! We are expecting our first babies any day now and I am waiting most impatiently. I am wondering how people mark their babies so that they can tell them apart. If 2 babies are the same sex and color I can see where it might be hard to tell them apart until they get a bit older and...
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    2 Pregnant females together?

    If 2 pregnant females are normally housed together can they continue to be housed together after they give birth? I have never done that with Chins before but when I bred rabbits (forever ago) I had several females that actually preferred the company of their sisters when they had litters. I...
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    Computerized Pedigree Forms?

    Does anyone have a computerized pedigree form that they really like? I would like to get one but wanted some opinions on what works best and what people like. Thanks, Erin
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    Anyone vending at the Unique Animal Expo this weekend?

    Hello, Is anyone out there going to be at the Unique Animal Expo in Hillsboro, OR this weekend? I am looking for a breeding quality beige female and thought that I might have some luck there. Thanks, Erin
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    Questions about Lethal White

    Hello, I have some questions about the lethality of homozygous white. 1. How exactly does the lethality manifest its self? 2. Do the babies die in-utero? Shortly after birth? 3. Does the dam give birth normally or does she have complications with the birth that cause problems for her...
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    How to make a Saucer?

    Hello, Does anyone know how to make one of the Chinchilla saucers? My father in law is an expert metal worker and would be willing to make me some if I had instructions. Pictures from the internet aren't as helpful as directions would be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Erin