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  1. chechinchillas

    Retiring and selling my herd

    I have decided to retire from breeding and to sell my herd. I will be listing prices next week on my home page. I have a healthy, quality herd that produces like crazy.
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    Downsizing Sale

    Downsizing Sale. Selling several breeders at great prices! Please scroll down on home page to see photos, pricing and information:
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    Ohio Field Day Show Date?

    When is the Ohio Field Day Show date at Ryersons?
  4. chechinchillas

    What is the closest chinchilla rescue in Columbus, Ohio

    What is the closest chinchilla rescue in Columbus, Ohio?
  5. chechinchillas

    Ringworm: Sulphur or Athletes Powder

    I have a pet owner asking me about Ringworm treatment. She was told by another breeder that only sulphur powder will kill the infection and that Tinactin powder will only send it into remission. I myself use minconazole cream on any affected areas and Tinactin in the dust bath. Then disenfect...
  6. chechinchillas

    2 Bonded 2 Year Old Males for Sale $50
  7. chechinchillas

    What Age Do You Ear Tag

    At what age do you ear tag? Is 8 weeks too young?
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    Possible Empress Seminar

    Below is an email from Maxine at Empress about a possible seminar in November located near or in Columbus, Ohio. She emailed and said I could post this information on here to get feedback and to promote a good turnout: Hello, For those of you who do not know me I am the General Manager for...
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    Ear Tags: Do you put your ranch brand on them?

    Are you supposed to put your ranch brand on ear tags?
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    Video Triplet Sapphire Newborns
  11. chechinchillas

    Video Newborn Sapphire Baby Just Born

    First time sapphire mom just delivered her first baby, a sapphire female.
  12. chechinchillas

    Video Ebony Triplets Chinchillas
  13. chechinchillas

    Video Heavily Pregnant Sapphire Female
  14. chechinchillas

    Ebony White Baby Chinchilla Video
  15. chechinchillas

    Extreme Mosaic Baby Video

    Here's a video of a recent litter of 2 white and grey mosaic baby males. One of them has a white, flecked head a black middle and a white tail.
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    New Baby Videos

    Here are some videos of babies I put on youtube
  17. chechinchillas

    Blue Diamond Adult Male for Sale

    I have a blue diamond adult male for sale that I purchased from Mark Miller and picked up at Nationals. He had an injured tail when I received him, but has completely healed since then. I purchased him as breeder quality for $800. He is from Denmark lines. I have since had a couple of...
  18. chechinchillas

    Mushy Poop

    I am posting this for a chin owner who is trying join, but said she is having trouble with the image verification? Hello , I have one chinchilla named Kirby. My chinchilla had mushy poop for about a week. Diet is the same, drinks filtered water, eats Oxbow chinchilla pellets, alfalfa hay, and...
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    6 month old white sapphire male

    6 month old blocky white sapphire male. I also post pics on facebook at che chinchillas cheryl
  20. chechinchillas

    Pip the dwarf 1 year birthday

    Below is a video of Pip, a beige dwarf born from normal parents. It's his 1 year birthday.