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    Chin Dust Shipped

    Good Morning, I am looking for someone who ships Blue Cloud (or similar excellent quality) dust for a reasonable price. I would like at least 50 pounds shipped to me in Oregon, Zip code 97370 and don't want to pay a fortune to get it here. If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate...
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    why mickey died...

    Thankfully I have never had that experience. The few that I have been involved in that were not sedated first were cases where the animal was very bad off and didn't struggle at all. Any type of euthanasia can be ugly though, no matter how it is done. A friend of mine had a horse that reacted...
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    A question about euthanasia. PS all my babies are fine.

    I raised rabbits when I was a kid and had 2 different groups. I had my show rabbits and I had my meat rabbits. Part of raising the meat rabbits was killing and dressing them. I was young and not very strong so my Dad bought me a good quality pellet pistol. I used that to kill the rabbits by...
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    why mickey died...

    You can over gas them but it is slow and often pretty expensive. I didn't say that a heart stick is pretty, its not. It is fast though and not as bad for the animal as it is for us watching.
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    why mickey died...

    I know that a heart stick can be very traumatic for an owner, but if it is done correctly it is very humane for the animal. Small animals are so very hard to get a good vein on and many euthanasia solutions are thick an require a good vein. An IP injection, into the abdomen, can take a long...
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    Organic Suppliers and Chin Cookies?

    Thanks for the info. There are a lot of suppliers to choose from but I like to give my business to ones that have done well by people. I like good customer service and like to reward people for it.
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    mickey is dying :(

    I am very sorry for your loss and hope that the results of the necropsy bring you some peace. I would also be interested in the results.
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    How Can She Still Be Pregnant??

    I appreciate everyone's concerns about the cat and if it were any cat other than her I would agree. She has never had any sort of prey drive and I would, without hesitation, bet my own life that she isn't going to develop any at her advanced age. As for the concern that they could catch...
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    How Can She Still Be Pregnant??

    Ok, lets check my sexing skills. The pics aren't great but they are the best I can do tonight, its been a very long day. Pic 1 is Blue baby, 2 is Green baby, and 3 is plain baby. The others are just for fun :) The color designation is so that when Joe and I talk about them we are on the same...
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    West Coast 2010 Show

    I am interested in getting a nice solid black Homo Ebony sometime soon and was wondering if anyone is planning on bringing one to this show for sale. Either sex would be fine as long as it has a good temperament. If, by chance, there is something more than a strained muscle wrong with my...
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    How Can She Still Be Pregnant??

    Oops! Yes, there are 2 standards and one light ebony. My guess in the dark this morning was a bit optimistic as to their color. Still pretty sure that they are all girls. My step-daughters went back to their mom's house last night and won't be back for 2 weeks and my son is in Texas with his...
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    How Can She Still Be Pregnant??

    I've had goat replacer milk on hand for days now because she was so big and I was worried about the litter size. They are in our bedroom and I'm home all week so they are being closely monitored. They are in my Rottweiler's food dish :-P She came in while I had the babies out and licked one of...
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    How Can She Still Be Pregnant??

    Roxy's babies! So it looks like we have 3 girls, although I wouldn't bet anyone's life on my sexing skills at 12 hours old :P Two of them are 45 grams and one is 50 grams, no wonder she was so big!
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    Organic Suppliers and Chin Cookies?

    Hello, I am looking into ordering some organic chin salad components (rose hips, bee pollen, chamomile flowers, etc) and am wondering if there is a supplier that everyone likes. I found several online but would like first hand recommendations if anyone has any. Also, is anyone willing to share...
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    How Can She Still Be Pregnant??

    Roxy finally had her babies! It looks like we have 3 medium ebony kits that are all about the same size. I have not done anything with them yet as they were just born between 7 and 9 this morning but will get pics when I get weights this evening. Roxy is being a very good first time mama and...
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    How Does He Do That??

    A couple of weeks ago we made new houses out of kiln dried pine boards and had a couple of scrap pieces left over. We gave the scrap pieces to our males as extra chew pieces. Yesterday I noticed that our Pink White male Casper had his on the very top shelf of his cage. I assumed that Joe had put...
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    Rabies Vaccination Required?

    There is no rabies vaccine that I am aware of that is approved for use in chinchillas. Rabies vaccines are approved for dogs, cats, ferrets, and horses only to the best of my veterinary technician knowledge :) This should mean that you shouldn't have to worry about it.
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    Chinchilla Treat Ideas Needed

    We buy the generic plain shredded mini wheats. We looked at the labels and found that the generic ones actually had less "junk" in them than the name brand ones. We like the Safeway brand and our chins look at us almost rabid like when they hear the box ;)
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    Getting numbers of chins in a short period of time?

    I think it depends on the person and their situation. I got back into chins this year after having a pair many years ago that I lost in a really nasty separation. I have a house and yard full of animals but I am very well educated on all of them and have the means to support them. When we...
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    How Can She Still Be Pregnant??

    LOL, you sound just like my husband :neener: