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    My dearest Puff..

    I know I haven't been on in awhile, but I'd just like to say, rest in peace my sweet baby boy. You where my first chinchilla, my little buddy, the lover of the four, the one I've grown most attatched to.. and now you're gone. We did everything we could, and I'm sorry the vet couldnt save you...
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    Introducing 2 yr old male with 3 month old kit

    Any ideas' or suggestions' ? I have a 2 year old male, named Puff who has a top part of a Ferret Nation all to him self. Well, on the bottom is a momma with one girl and one boy. Instead of selling the momma and the boy, I decided to keep them as pairs. I've noticed when I put puff and the...
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    Does anybody else have an evil chinchilla?

    You see, I have one, and her name is Cookie. Cookie MONSTER to be exact. When I first got puff I decided to get him a mate as he always looked sad, but after a failed pregnancy I seperated the chins and put her on the bottom part of the cage.. How does she repay me for the fresh hay, fresh...
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    Baby pics - need name suggestions!

    Here are my two new kits that arrived from my friend Leahs chinchilla, they where born on sunday morning. Any name ideas? Give me names for boys or girls, haven't sexed them yet!
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    Mom bought a new cage,

    because she complained about the mess the chins where making in the ferret nation. and now she expects me to sell the fn142 to pay for the new cage cost. the cage she bought is a small, upright, bird cage with the guard around it. ugh with being sick and her doing all this i dont know what to...
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    Hey everyone - Cage / Thoughts

    How is everyone been, lately? Since school has started picking up I haven't really had any spare time to talk about my chinchillas or to ya'll in general. I've been doing good, just working on my grades Puff, my pink white is still as curious and as sweet as ever While Cookie, my standard, is...
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    Honestly does it ever end?

    Baby chin dying. House getting broken into. Now cookie is acting sick. School is picking up. I dont know what to do about all of this, especially with cookie acting sick. I need to cry. :cry3: I wont be on as often due to the fact that on last Sunday someone broke into our house and took a...
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    Cookie is making strange noises.

    She's never been the loudest chin I've ever had but in the past 2 days she seems to be just making noises non stop. They almost sound like a guinea pig squeak, but a little weaker. She also seems to have trouble breathing, (She's breathing harder than usual) Any Advice?
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    Chin barns?

    How do you people do it, without losing your sanity. :banghead: I've seen people on here who have 100's of chins, barns full of them, etc. I just can't see how you do it. These are my questions: How do you make enough room for all the cages, and what kind of cages do you use? How to give...
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    Maximizing your chins happiness -

    Any idea's? I mean there really is no set answer to this, but what do you think makes your little chin babies happy? Mine like to run free, chew on skinny apple twigs, hide under the fleece and use them like covers, and the all mighty cammo hammock =). They also love when I get I mad. They sit...
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    9/30/09 4:00 A.M - 7/7/09 3:17 A.M R.I.P Baby sweetpea.

    If I could have saved you, I would of. Tonight I lost a kit. He was a joy to have the last couple days. It was the cutest **** thing seeing you popcorning, running, and bugging your momma. I've been hand feeding him throughout the night, and keeping him in my shirt. Just a few minutes ago, he...
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    ** baby emergancy read!

    Here's his symptoms - He normally is bouncy and happy, and when I went to weigh him tonight he was very lethargic and not lifting up his head. He was born on September 30th, and weighed in at 44 grams. He has continually been gaining weight, and has been kept in the cage with his momma. Im...
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    A birthday surprise! (Questions inside)

    So today on my birthday, I was staying home because I have to take my driving test, and when I went to my room to pick out my clothes I heard a little peeping sound, which could never have come from my adult chins! So while I go to investigate I see momma soaking wet on her underbelly and I see...
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    Welcome to the rest of your life,

    is what I've been told over and over again by some of my "older" friends now that I'm starting highschool.. I remember that first morning driving to the school with my mom in silence, as I was thinking and she was getting teary eyed. I asked her what was wrong and she replied with " It seems...
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    I feel bad :(

    Well, with highschool starting now and finally reaching an age too get a job I've been super busy and pressured lately. Drivers edd, phone payments, pre-ap classes, it's all so overwhelming and I feel like my chins are getting the bad of all of this :( Ever since last saturday they've only...
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    I got the best sleep last night..

    :thumbsup: After I installed my 15" Chin Spin. My two chins hopped, popcorned, ran, all on that wheel on and off for about the whole night, but the good thing is the wheel is EXTREMELY silent. Good job quality cage company, you got my recomendations! Also, I'm extremely happy that I will be...
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    Hey all you wood workers/fabritices!

    I have some amazing ideas down on blueprint, anyone want? All I ask is that I get 2 of the final products for free, and too add too it if it's not too bad i'll even pay for shipping! Let me know, because what I've got would be great for your stores :) PM me with any questions or leave them on...
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    Fleece questions?

    How do you make hammocks, and please be specific with the hardware and the sewing / cuts involved. Also, how do you make pan covers, I also need you too be specific on how. :).
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    Good morning :-).

    Last night was rough, seriously. Normally I sleep in my room with my babies, because i'm very protective of them and last night I took there fleece out and boy were they upset (It was laundry day) :pillowfight: So now I'm sitting here, waiting for my Chin Spin and supplies from Forchinate...
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    Chinchilla treats?

    I've heard of people making chin treat's (Thing's like Mrs.Pasture's cookies) Can anyone list the ingridients and instructions for how they make theres? Thanks :)