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  1. hqt5009

    2 male chinchillas need rehoming

    Hi. I have 2 male chinchillas that need to be re-homed. Their owner moved back to Taiwan and was originally planning on sending them back. However due to paperwork delay, they were left here to be care by their friend who had no experience taking care of chinchillas. So I temporarily took them...
  2. hqt5009

    Flying with my Chinchilla

    I actually flew my chinchilla from Houston to Boston around Thanksgiving time in 2018. It was pretty much my only option when I had to relocate or I would have to give her up. The only airlines that accept chinchilla in cargo area (none would take chinchilla to passenger cabin) are AA and Delta...
  3. hqt5009

    Air travel with chinchilla

    Hi. I have to relocate to Boston from Houston at the end of November and I would like to bring my chinchilla with me. The only way for me to do so is to fly her with me. However, researching all over internet and looking through many airline restrictions, it seems that none will allow chinchilla...
  4. hqt5009

    Potential constipation and hairball

    Thanks for the great suggestions. I think Candy is completely back to normal now with her appetite and poop. I did purchase some critical care in case this happens again. Thank you!
  5. hqt5009

    Potential constipation and hairball

    Thanks for the advice! She is definitely pooping more now though her poops appeared to be slightly smaller, dryer and lighter in color than usual so she might still be experiencing some constipation issue. Her drinking seems normal but she has not been eating as much as before (though she still...
  6. hqt5009

    Potential constipation and hairball

    Hi. I need opinion whether any treatment is needed for my chin, Candy. Last Tuesday, I found that she chewed through my vacuum's electricity cord (not plugged in at that time, she somehow got to it when the vacuum was placed on top of the cage). So I've been monitoring and weighing her everyday...
  7. hqt5009

    How do I handle my chin without losing it's trust?

    I use playpen to surround the cage during playtime and leave the cage doors open. My chin would hop back to the cage on her own throughout her time out. When you feel that they have enough playtime, just close the cage doors when they go back to their cage. This way, I never have to chase after...
  8. hqt5009

    Help with chinchilla aggression!

    I also have the exact same issue! Mine is 5 months old (I've had her for about 3 months ) and she constantly wants to get out of the cage despite having tons of toys to play with in the cage. So I started letting her out for playtime around the cage for half an hour everyday but she still keeps...
  9. hqt5009

    Litter pan/box idea for chin that kicks out shavings in the pan

    Thanks for all of your advice. I actually bought a deeper/taller baking dish as the new litter box and only fill half of the dish with shavings. So far she hasn't kicked any shavings out again, hopefully it will stay this way!
  10. hqt5009

    Litter pan/box idea for chin that kicks out shavings in the pan

    Hi. In the past few days, I noticed that more than half of the shavings that I put in my chin's litter box (pyrex baking dish) were out on the fleece floor every morning when I got up to clean her cage. She must had kicked the shavings out during the night. This makes the cage really messy and...
  11. hqt5009

    Chin not drinking much water

    @Amethyst, thanks so much for your suggestion and explanation! I give her alfalfa pellets but with Timothy as primary hay now. I gave her alfalfa hay last night and she went crazy with it....would even climbed up to my palm for the hay and let me pet her freely! I'll switch to alfalfa hay as the...
  12. hqt5009

    Chin not drinking much water

    @Amethyst, Thanks so much for your explanation! Being a new owner makes me worry about just everything! I really want her to be well and happy with me. Another thing is that she is getting pretty picky about her pellets. She would sniff around the bowl to pick and choose pellets and I think...
  13. hqt5009

    Chin not drinking much water

    Ever since I brought home my chin (11 weeks old) a week ago, I've been noticing that she consistently only drinks at most 1oz/day (most of the time, less than 1oz). I don't think she pees much as well. Her "fresh" poops are not very moist and turn hard very quickly like dried pellets. I am very...
  14. hqt5009

    Urine stain on fur

    I see. Thanks for the advice and clarification. I will continue to monitor her and the stain. Thanks!
  15. hqt5009

    Urine stain on fur

    The fleece that I used was just 1 layer so that's probably why the pee would stain on her. I am having customized fleece liners with 3 layers (1 extra absorbent pad in b/t) coming in tomorrow so hopefully that will help resolve the smell and stain problem. I did change the fleece last night and...
  16. hqt5009

    Which food?

    I feed mine with Oxbow pellets and hays. I am getting Timothy chips/cubes from Farmer Dave. Not sure how Candy will like it.
  17. hqt5009

    First Rodent?

    My first one is mouse then guinea pig. Right now just my chin Candy! Chinchilla is definitely my favorite, though she's much more demanding than the other two. But I know she will stay with me for years to come.
  18. hqt5009

    How Does your Chinchilla Accept a Treat?

    Candy would take her treats (hays/pellets/wood sticks) by mouth first then grad it with her paw to eat/bite.
  19. hqt5009

    Favorite color/ Dream color

    Mosaic with white ebony or white violet. My Candy is a white violet mosaic (love at first sight for me!), but she's still so young so although she's mostly white now she may develop spots later on.
  20. hqt5009

    What kind of chinchilla owner are you?

    Pet owner who just has her chin for a week now!