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  1. Brittany_Lynn

    Sonya again.

    Last night at around midnight, I noticed Sonya wasn't herself. I opened the cage and tried to pick her up and immediately had bells and whistles going off in my head because she let me-she didn't even try to hop away. She NEVER let's me just scoop her up (once I am holding her she's always calm...
  2. Brittany_Lynn

    Bloody/Swollen foot

    I just did a search and saw 2 very recent posts about bloody feet, and Sonya has had cracked feet that bled before BUT today I noticed that her foot is swollen, and it looks like it has a sore on it, so I'm making this a separate post. I cleaned it really well with some warm water, and then...
  3. Brittany_Lynn

    Petfinder chinchilla...BAD advice Charlie is a lonely guy since his mate died and his kids moved out! Aparently both chinchillas were fed Doritos by a very young member of the household and the female didn't survive. Then there was a break-up and the new human in the household...
  4. Brittany_Lynn

    Sunbeam snoozin'

    Mork snoozin in a sunbeam with his cuddle buddy, Hambelina. . Excuse the poos in the pics!
  5. Brittany_Lynn

    Skull shape question- Langiera Vs Brevicaudata?

    I have noticed something strange in Pico's skull. If run my finger from his nose backwards, to the space between his ears, it feels as though there are two large, spherical masses on either side of a sharp recess in the middle of that area. Rodya, Sonya, and Mork do NOT have this--the space...
  6. Brittany_Lynn

    Chinchillas in Basement - Question

    Hey all, I've been super busy lately with work so this is my first post in a long time. Anyway, my mom has been looking for a bigger place for us, and she found a nice place but my chinchillas (Rodya, Sonya, Mork, Pico) won't fit in my bedroom like they do in our current place. Now it's still...
  7. Brittany_Lynn

    Advice appreciated: Sick Pomeranian.

    My mom bought my siblings and myself a pomeranian (Foxy) from a breeder about 5 years ago for Christmas, however she is bonded the closest with my mom, so personally I consider her my mom's dog. Anyway, Foxy is intact because she was a bred (had one litter), and my mom had thoughts of having 1...
  8. Brittany_Lynn

    Advice wanted, Water Bottle "debate" with a friend..

    So my friend has a pet rabbit, I went over to her house the other day and the water bottle was pretty low--I asked her if Mr. Bunns usually drinks that much in a day, if my friend had only filled it halfway to monitor, or if some had spilled. Well apparently my friend only fills the water bottle...
  9. Brittany_Lynn

    Really, pico?!

    Just found out the WEIRDEST thing about myself. Ready for it? I'm allergic to Chinchilla Semen. Yep. You read that right. Chinchilla semen. I was cleaning Pico's cage, and he got friendly with my arm, and I was just rolling my eyes as usual until I felt wetness. ):< NOT COOL, MAN! Wiped it off...
  10. Brittany_Lynn

    Mork bring in the new year!

    My friend had a party for some international students at her place on New Years; 2 were from Japan and 1 from Korea, and I asked my friend if they'd ever seen a chinchilla before-nope, didn't even know what it was, so I brought Mork along with me. He was sooo good about it, they immediately fell...
  11. Brittany_Lynn


    I got a new digital camera for Christmas :] YAY! PICO RODYA: (More to follow)
  12. Brittany_Lynn

    In Memoriam: Happy First Birthday, Ivan.

    I've been really bummed today about Ivan, so I've been looking at pictures to help cheer me up a bit...reminding myself what a nice, albeit short, life he had. *sigh* He would have turned 1 year old today.
  13. Brittany_Lynn

    Thanks for the cookies!

    Well, Mork, Pico, Rodya, and Sonya wanted to say thanks to MishIrish for the cookies, but they were too busy stuffing their I took pictures to show their appreciation...and I thought the rest of the forum would enjoy them too! SONYA: (Lynn, this one reminds me of you because of...
  14. Brittany_Lynn

    Nightmares about my pets.

    I've been having a rough couple of weeks, but surprisingly, I'm feeling very happy most of the time. My job is so hard, yet so much fun--I started a job as a lead teacher for 3 year olds in a day care, full time, in August. BUT...I have one 18 month old, three 2 year olds, and three 3 year...
  15. Brittany_Lynn


    Yesterday when I went to spend some time with my chinnies, I noticed that Rodya's whiskers are...not there. O_o It seems Pico has chewed off practically all of Rodya's whiskers on his right side, and left about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of his whiskers on the other side. The right side has 4 or 5 thick...
  16. Brittany_Lynn


    Pico and Rodya have FINALLY gotten used to each other! I didn't have a small cage for the cage within a cage method, but I did the next best thing I could think of, which was to put their cages so close together that their bars almost over lapped, so that they could reach each other a little...
  17. Brittany_Lynn

    The cutest thing I have ever witnessed. Now I want some as pets.
  18. Brittany_Lynn

    I gotta vent. (Long post)

    ARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! :hair: In June I started a babysitting job for a young couple, who have a 2 year old and a 5 year old (both boys). The boys were wonderful, and the job was awesome. I was working Tues-Friday, 25+ hours a week, $150 per week no matter the hours. After 2 weeks, the mother...
  19. Brittany_Lynn

    Happy Gotcha Birthday, Sonya and Rodya!

    My hard drive crashed so I'm trying to get some pictures to put up, will do tomorrow, but it has been a year that I've had my lovies. August 19th 2009, my love affair with chinchillas was kindled and has grown thanks to my two big fatties :) They are now between 5 and 8 years old...wish I know...
  20. Brittany_Lynn

    CEO of Humane Society says that like Michael Vick, "You're a monster too"

    ... :banghead: :hair: Wayne Pacelle is the CEO of the Humane Society of the United States he is also the spokesman for Michael Vick..?