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  1. Rin

    Liver Disease & Low WBCs in 10 yr old Chin

    Hi, I just found out that my 10 year old chin has liver disease and low WBCs/Platelets in her blood. Is this common / curable? She's been prescribed antibiotics and liver enzyme supplements for 2 weeks. Not sure if that will help her and she HATES the medicine and gets super upset when I have...
  2. Rin

    Hello from Texas

    Hello Everyone :) I'm Rin, from Dallas, TX and I have one female chinchilla, named Chilli, for 9 years now. I recently got another 14 week old female, who I've named Pepper, a week ago. She is still getting used to me, her new home and an older female, so things are a little intense. I've read...