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    Bedding for potty

    So I was using recycled paper shredding for my chins bathroom container until I read in here that it's extremely bad for them in case they eat it. So I bought pets pick Aspen (soft Aspen bedding) kiln dried and dust free. I started using it tonight and all they want to do is eat it! Is that...
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    I've been cutting cardboard for over a year to put in my chins cage, so they don't hurt their little toes on the wire bottoms. Now I've seen in a couple posts about people using tile in the bottoms. What kind of tiles is everyone using? I want to make sure I would be getting the right kind...
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    Hay and treats

    So I've had my chinchillas since Christmas. I get on the site multiple times to get information in stuff that I need about my chinchillas. But everybody says something different. So I'm asking what kind of Timothy Hay do you recommend? What kind of treats can they or can't they have? I know that...
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    Surprise babies please help

    I was given a female chinchilla almost 2 months ago. I woke up yesterday to 3 kits in her cage. She did very well giving birth. The kits were 45g, 43g, and 42g at a day old. I didn't know that she was pregnant so I didn't prepare or give her anything extra for nutrition. The kits keep...