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    Is the gap of the bars too large for chinchillas for this cage?

    Unfortunately Ferret Nations Cages were unavailabe from the shop I asked and they only bring cages in my country 1-2 times a year. Looked for another large cage on Amazon from Italian manufacturers, but they would not export it to my country either. So I ordered this...
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    Can chinchillas sleep or drowse sideways?

    I had to wake up the chins to guide them to their cage.. One of them after some running and hoping here and there, stood still looking at me and then he closed his eyes and lied sideways with his feet sideways on the floor too, kinda like rabbits do when they lie down. Just for a short moment...
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    which one of the 3 food options do you recommend?

    First weeks I fed them the Bunny Nature Chinchilla Dream brand, since this was the only available in the shop and it was the first day I got the chins: But because it was a mixed food brand, after 2 bags were finished, I...
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    Question about cage set-up and other specifics

    Got two male chinchillas. They told me they are about 10 months old. Got also a cage, one of the cheaper models and set the cage this way. I'll take them to a specialist veterinarian next week for a first checkup and to ask for more advice. The woman that recommended her, told me that she told...