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    Tinidazole - Safe??

    Hey guys, So I'm still battling giardia, and my vet put Lilo's case up on VIN. They came back with the suggestion of using Tinidazole, which is apparently 60% more effective than either Flagyl or Panacur (don't remember which one)...however, she didn't know for sure if there would be any side...
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    Ongoing Giardia

    Hey guys...I'm really hoping someone can help me with this! :hair: My girl, Lilo, was in for a filing in December and they did a fecal. It came back positive for giardia. I've been battling it ever since, positive fecal after positive fecal. She's been on Panacur (0.3ml) for 5 days on, 3 days...
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    Losing weight

    Hi all! One of my chins, Zoey, has been losing weight since the middle of December. I attributed it to giardia, as Lilo tested positive for it so I automatically put Zoey on meds since they have the same play area. The weight loss started when I gave her meds. She's been off them for about a...
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    Kiki and Lilo :-)

    Hi Everyone! Happy New Year! Here are some pictures of my girls, Kiki and Lilo. Lilo checking out a new "hiding spot" during playtime! Kiki looking through the bars that divides the "playroom" from my room. Mind you, I think she enjoys being in my room more, as she CONSTANTLY jumps over it...