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  1. Essentia

    Used Ed Wheel/Chin Spin

    Looking for a used Ed Wheel or Chin Spin for the rescue. We are one wheel short, and would love to be able to get one used to save some money. It doesn't have to be pretty, but does have to be fully functional. Let me know what you have!
  2. Essentia

    Critter Nation 162 Question

    I had two chins come into the rescue today with a Critter Nation 162 with the 163 add on. With my other 3 story cages I have the bottom shelf removed and the wheels directly into the cage. With this new "snap together" model, I can't figure out a way to attach the wheels unless the shelf is...
  3. Essentia

    Theo looking for a home in Tampa, FL

    There is a chinchilla named Theo in Tampa who is looking for a new home. He is very well taken care of, and all his supplies will come with him. Please see his information below: "We have a chin that is a little over 1 yr old who we need to rehome because our schedules are making it hard for...
  4. Essentia

    Feisty Ferret Issues

    We had two girls surrendered today with their Feisty Ferret cage. No matter how tight I make the screws in the bottom shelf area the cage still sits wonky if rolled. Has anyone else had this issue? I worry about the stability of the cage with the legs sitting like that. And both sides do it...
  5. Essentia

    Mating in older chinchillas

    What is the oldest chinchilla you have had produce offspring? I have a 16 yr old female and a 13 yr old male. I would love to let them live together to live out their retirement, but will not do this unless I am sure that she is too old for her to get pregnant. I would get the male fixed, but...
  6. Essentia

    Look who made it on Cute Overload!

    I had previously made a thread asking how to take decent pictures of kits, and on a whim I submitted some of the photos I took to Cute Overload. Nacho made it! While I don't think this is the best photo (he looks like he...
  7. Essentia

    How to take good photos of kits.

    While I knew kits were crazy little beings from the time they are born, I never expected them to be this crazy. We had our first kit born in the rescue yesterday morning (63g male) to a female who was surrendered just under over a month ago. While I've taken in older kits before, this is the...
  8. Essentia


    Happy Halloween everyone! What are you dressed up as today? I'm Coraline. See a resemblance? Haha
  9. Essentia

    Tan? Brown Velvet?

    We had a 2 yr. old male chinchilla come into the rescue yesterday from the Atlanta, GA area. He came with his pedigree (though the "pedigree" only listed his parents...) and on it he is listed as a "medium tan". Upon first look he looked like he had white on the underside of his neck, so I...
  10. Essentia

    Sticky fur?

    We had a 5 yr old beige chin come into the rescue yesterday. It was apparent that he hadn't had very many dust baths as he did for sure look greasy. Upon feeling his fur though it almost feels stickyish. It's not soft like most chin's fur (even unbathed chin fur). I've definitely had my fair...
  11. Essentia

    Modern heating pad that doesn't turn off!

    When going through Walmart's 75% off Christmas stuff I found a bunch on mini heating pads called the "Cozy Spot". I took out the manual and it never said anything about it turning off after 2 hours for safety, so I bought one and took the chance. Lo and behold, it stays on until you turn it...
  12. Essentia

    Kitten Milk

    We will be taking in some kittens in the next few days and I wanted to check with you guys on what the best formula for them is. I have used KMR in the past, but I am seeing a lot of websites that have recipes for kitten milk, and a lot of other ones that say to use goat milk. To others who...
  13. Essentia

    Chili the dancing chinchilla!

    This is Chili, an adorable black velvet that came into our rescue two days ago. His friend who is trying to sleep in the background is Whiskers. He doesn't look too enthused by the whole thing. :p Let's just say that Chili has.....issues. Haha. He randomly just started doing what I would...
  14. Essentia

    Found this on Etsy

    Found this on Etsy and thought it was really cute. Just wanted to pass it along to the hedgie people. :)
  15. Essentia

    Oxbow Alfalfa Hay

    Has anyone purchased Oxbow alfalfa in larger quantities? Dr's Foster & Smith has 25lb for $49.99 and free shipping. I have purchased the small bags at petsmart when I only had one or two chins, and they did like that, but it just isn't cost effective going that route anymore. The small bag...
  16. Essentia

    Is Sycamore a safe wood?

    I have seen Sycamore on 4 different safe wood lists, and then one that said it wasn't safe. I have someone in the area who has organic Sycamore that is more than happy to let me cut as much as I want (looking for larger branches to put in the cages) but I want to be absolutely sure.
  17. Essentia

    The 5 lovely ladies

    Fifteen days ago 2 standard female sisters were surrendered to the rescue. They are 3 yrs old and had never really been touched. They were used for breeding purposes only and the owner never even bothered to give them a name. Even though they were surrendered together they just acted very...
  18. Essentia

    Reputable Breeder near Dallas, TX

    I was contacted today by someone looking for a breeder in Texas, specifically as close to Dallas as possible. She is looking for a young Black Velvet female. Any recommendations would be awesome.
  19. Essentia

    Calling all bunny people:

    This is Bambi. She was a "Bandit" but then I found her to be female. :p She's a 3yr old bunny who was surrendered to the rescue a bit ago. Looking through colors online I am thinking she is a chocolate pointed white? Also can anyone tell by looking at her what breed she would be? She has...
  20. Essentia

    Safe Rodent Medication

    I used to have an awesome chart that said what medications were safe for chinchillas, hamsters, cavies, etc. I believe someone on here had posted it (this was at least a yr or two ago). When my old computer crashed I lost the file. Does anyone have this, or something like it? I used to...