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  1. Essentia

    pair of chins in GA need new home

    Hello! What area of Georgia are you in? I run a chinchilla rescue in jacksonville, fl and am here if you need me. While I am currently full, I would b happy to advertise them on petfinder and adopt a pet for you (depending on how far you are).
  2. Essentia

    Is this a Violet?

    Sort of hard to see by that lighting and picture quality, but it looks like a violet in need of a bath.
  3. Essentia

    Charlotte, NC Chinchilla with "dangling broken hand"

    If we could railroad her, I would definitely be willing to take her in and get her some REAL vet care.
  4. Essentia

    New Curly Fur Mutation by Ritterspach?

    The only thing I can say is, I've seen them in real life and just think they are ugly.
  5. Essentia

    Used Ed Wheel/Chin Spin

    Looking for a used Ed Wheel or Chin Spin for the rescue. We are one wheel short, and would love to be able to get one used to save some money. It doesn't have to be pretty, but does have to be fully functional. Let me know what you have!
  6. Essentia

    Weather fun

    It's currently 38 here, but is supposed to get down to 18 tonight (wind chill of 5). While I know this is a lot warmer than some places (I am so sorry!), it's chilly willy for us in Florida!
  7. Essentia

    Hi from Florida:)

    Hello and welcome to both you and Winston! It's nice to see other Florida people here. :)
  8. Essentia

    hi from miami

    Welcome! It's nice to see more Florida people.
  9. Essentia

    Best online source for hay and pellets??

    If there is a Tractor Supply located near you, check with them to see if they carry bales of Standlee Timothy Hay. You will get a lot of hay for your money (if it's too much you can always donate much of it to a chinchilla or rabbit rescue), and the bale is small enough that it fits in a large...
  10. Essentia

    CnH Secret Santa 2013 - Expedited Edition

    Got my loot today!
  11. Essentia

    Prevue Corner Cage

    Just wanted to mention, this cage is cheaper on Amazon than what you are asking, and it will be delivered to their door for free shipping.
  12. Essentia

    Pumice Stone

    I've never had this problem with lava products. Have you tried rinsing his yet out with saline to see if there may just be a dust particle or something stuck in there that's irritating it.
  13. Essentia

    Southeast Chapter-MCBA Live animal, optional claiming, Chinchilla Show 2013

    There were 105 animals and 9 exhibitors. Here are the top results: Grand Show, Champ Male of Show - Ryerson, Standard Male Reserve Grand Show, Champ Female of Show - Ritterspach - Standard Female Reserve Male of Show - Tiffany Yarboro - Standard Reserve Female of Show - Tiffany Yarboro -...
  14. Essentia


    My 14 yr old male humps everything in site. Just sayin. :p
  15. Essentia

    Am I really doing this wrong!?

    I think it was more that sugar, in general, is bad for chins. Raisins are high in sugar (like other fruit as well) so chins shouldn't have them. Raisins are also poisonous to dogs and cats, so I like to stay away from them completely when it comes to animals.
  16. Essentia

    Urgent must rehome my wonderful chin due to allergies. In S. Fl.

    Hi Kim, If you aren't able to find her a home, I am located in Jacksonville, FL. Right now I do have space available in the rescue and would be happy to give her a comfortable and loving home until the right forever can be found.
  17. Essentia

    Southeast Chapter-MCBA Live animal, optional claiming, Chinchilla Show 2013

    Gotcha! I was hoping one of them would be there. I will contact them to ask if they can bring me 2-3 bags. Thanks!
  18. Essentia

    Southeast Chapter-MCBA Live animal, optional claiming, Chinchilla Show 2013

    Anyone bringing dust to sell? I am almost out and would like to order at least 100 lbs of either Blue Cloud off Blue Sparkle.
  19. Essentia


    I sometimes still use fleece as I have a lot of it, but I have since switched over to mainly KD pine shavings. I just hate cleaning cages and then having to do laundry on top of it.