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  1. Idgie

    How does your single chin deal when you need to leave the house?

    My chin is fine when I’m at work all day. She actually seems more annoyed when I’m home on the weekends Lol. I might leave her overnight and have someone check on her, but never more than one night. If I go on vacation without her, I take her & her cage to someone who will be watching her...
  2. Idgie

    What is normal weight fluctuation in a chinchillla?

    Funny, I wouldn’t consider 700 grams a “big girl” at all. (Ripley is over 900!) It’s easy to get caught up in weighing them all the time. Their weight does fluctuate by 20g. If you are feeding them healthy food & very minimal treats and they are pooping, then I think it is best to not weigh...
  3. Idgie

    Wood For Chinchilla

    Best to use KD pine or poplar. Can find them at most home improvement stores.
  4. Idgie

    Gizzie is gone.

    Sorry about Gizmo 😢
  5. Idgie

    Kumo the chinchilla. Good-bye, buddy.

    Sorry about Kumo 😢 It’s always so hard
  6. Idgie

    Kiln dried oak?

    Poplar has less knot holes than pine & is pretty easy to find at home improvement stores.
  7. Idgie

    Barking, Spraying Urine, Hiding

    Just an update. Went to see a vet in LaQuinta, CA, Dr. Jeffrey at Village Park Animal Hospital. He was awesome! Highly recommend! He did a great exam while sitting on the floor. Staff was friendly, too. It turns out that she is indeed having a bad heat. Her plug is only part way out. She...
  8. Idgie

    Barking, Spraying Urine, Hiding

    Thanks. She is grooming her private parts. She just starts spinning very loudly and growling/barking in her house off and on all night long. (Haven’t slept much for 2 nights now.) It is so hard to see her so upset. Monday morning now, so I plan to beg any exotic vet to see her today. We...
  9. Idgie

    Barking, Spraying Urine, Hiding

    Ripley mostly slept all day in her house. Not sure that she came out to eat or drink. I was able to give her some alfalfa hay in her house that she ate without her peeing on me. But now she is banging around inside her house grumbling & barking. Very angry and I have no clue why. She is very...
  10. Idgie

    Barking, Spraying Urine, Hiding

    She is hiding in her house now after hopping and barking/growling/chatting all night. She has been picking at herself & I’m thinking that she is going into heat. She has never been this aggressive before, though. She gets a bit grumbly, but has never sprayed at us. She did just come out of...
  11. Idgie

    Barking, Spraying Urine, Hiding

    In the evening Ripley wouldn’t come out of her house, even for treats. It is the middle of night now & Ripley was jumping and let out a cry & then started barking. When we went to check on her outside her cage, she let us touch her briefly. Then it sounded like she jumped again and now she is...
  12. Idgie

    Wasteful Chins

    My chins have always picked through their hay and only eat certain pieces. I don’t really monitor how much they eat except to notice that they at least ate some.
  13. Idgie

    Moving Across Country

    We just went to California from Chicago and back. Three days in the car, each way. We used a small carrier for dogs/cats made of plastic that had enough room for her, pellets, hay, and some bedding to pee. I offered her water every few hours. She seemed fine and slept most of the time. For...
  14. Idgie

    Wood for making huts?

    I prefer to use poplar. Mostly because it doesn’t have all the knot holes. Home Depot has them, though they cost a little more.
  15. Idgie

    Reusing old cage for new chin

    I have reused a cage and wood items. Cleaning them and sanding them seems to work fine. The new chins don’t mind.
  16. Idgie

    Considering a new cage

    Thanks so much for all the info. Hopefully it will be helpful to others, as well. I decided to just keep the cage that I have. Ripley is doing fine in it (as my chin before her did) and it meets my needs better than the FN or CN would afterall.
  17. Idgie

    Considering a new cage

    Thanks. Is the spacing on the walls only or is there somewhere on the flooring that is mesh? Do they hurt their feet bouncing off the walls? Someone said that the Lixit bottles don’t fit well in the 1/2”. That’s what I use, so that could matter. I am concerned about stripping the threads...
  18. Idgie

    Considering a new cage

    I’m considering getting a new cage for Ripley. I was looking at the Ferret and Critter Nation 2 Level. I’m leaning toward the FN because it bolts together and seams sturdier. (Ripley currently is in a cage with 1 inch spacing & that is fine) Couple questions: 1. If the FN bolts together...
  19. Idgie

    Lonely Chin

    I’ve had three separate single chins over 25 years and they are all fine. As long as your chin is part of the family and you interact with him, he should be happy.
  20. Idgie

    What hay do you get?

    A lot of people buy online, but I get mine from a farmer. If you have any horse barns in your area, then you might be able to find out where they get their hay. (Horses also eat grass hay.) I pay $10 for a bale that easily lasts me a year with one chin. The key is finding somewhere to store it.