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  1. Spoof

    Soft Cut Hay- long term effects?

    Any non-fruit type wood will be very low in sugar. The super hard ones like manzanita are very slow growers and have almost none at all. No breeders provide unlimited hay, just in case anybody is actually reading all of this. Hay or cubes are given when cages are cleaned and some do go...
  2. Spoof

    Soft Cut Hay- long term effects?

    The oldest chinchilla I know of is currently alive and 32 years old in Houston, TX. One of the original 11 brought to the U.S. by MF Chapman lived 22 years in captivity and was captured as an adult. We should absolutely be getting more than the 5-7 years advertised by pet stores. It's...
  3. Spoof

    Soft Cut Hay- long term effects?

    The most important thing in a chinchilla's diet is balance. She is likely going to town on this hay due to the exceptionally high sugars present in peak season leaves. This amount of sugar is worse than feeding junk treats as it is addicting and they can not process it correctly. Chinchillas...
  4. Spoof

    Angora Chinchillas

    As far as wary, it depends on what you want out of a chinchilla. Regular lines live 20-30 years when well taken care of. This mutation, heavily linebred to create longer fur, has only existed in Europe for 15 or so years. If you are ok with the price and only having a chinchilla that may live...
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    Angora Chinchillas

    Europe is completely different when it comes to angoras. They have had them for over 15 years (hence all the colors) vs. they have only been sold in the U.S. in a very limited fashion for the last 4. Before that, a US based breeder would have to ship them in from another country, so the few...
  6. Spoof

    Vet Recommendations - USA

    I consider Dr. Rich to be the best chinchilla vet currently practicing in the country and will drive the 11 hours to New Orleans in an emergency because of that. Really great clinic to work with. Avian and Exotic Vet in Metairie and New Orleans, LA
  7. Spoof

    Angora Chinchillas

    If the breeder is utilizing lines that have issues, yes the carriers will have issues. I can only talk about my own experience here, but over the last 2.5 years I had an exceptionally high death rate with first generation carriers - over 50%. I did not loose any after they made it to weaning...
  8. Spoof

    Lone Star Chinchilla

    I only know of the three people who were unhappy they were sold and charged high prices for incorrect colors. As far as genetic issues, they haven't been breeding long enough to know if the new herd they have has those. From talking to them they bred chinchillas for awhile over 10 years ago...
  9. Spoof

    Lone Star Chinchilla

    I don't know about the quality of chins they have as they have not participated in any shows. I have also become aware recently that they do not know the colors of their chins as have sold people the wrong colors - repeatedly. These people have been looking to breed their "blue diamonds" and...
  10. Spoof

    Forage feeding? How to increase activity?

    Please do not limit the food, pellets are her only source of balanced minerals and vitamins. Without testing the hay you can't be sure if it is a great cutting or nutritionally void. In the 60's and 70's the average weight for a chinchilla was 650g. That has increased over the decades to a...
  11. Spoof

    Ronda's Chins now Xia's Chins?

    Same business, same products. Xia is Ronda's cousin. She is in the back right of this photo, Ronda is on the left with white hair. As mentioned above she took over and a new website was built as I no longer had time to maintain the old one. For accounting reasons she could not use Ronda's...
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    Sherwood Chinchilla pellets

    This is normal. Sherwood is a lean food with no fat or sugars - so your chin was very lean and more like an athelete. This is also why the urine changes. Oxbow is like the traditional western diet so he will pack on a bit of fat but that is ok. It is whatever you can afford that is fresh...
  13. Spoof

    Angora Chinchillas

    They are very cute. They take a lot more maintenance - you do have to keep them brushed or they get mats. If they have long hair around the privates you will want to keep that trimmed or you will have to wash it every few days to keep it cleaned and untangled - if they only have a 1" rise...
  14. Spoof

    Chin show cages?

    I know this is a very old thread but felt it would help new people to answer. :) Show cages are provided at the show by the organization and are there for everyone to use. There are usually vendor tables as well that have various chinchilla products - everything from toys and cage supplies...
  15. Spoof

    Chinchilla supply websites

    I still use for bulk wood, it is the cheapest for me to refill toys as they sell in 5 pound boxes. The dust I get from chilldust - but I went to the mine in Idaho and picked up 600 pounds.
  16. Spoof

    Please please help me!!! I don't know what else to do.

    Sounds like you have an unusual case of ringworm - there are only a few types that are zoonotic that can pass between living things and the worst one is the cat/equine variety. I'm hoping the liquid your vet gave you was Imaverol? If it was, wash that chin! it only takes a couple of...
  17. Spoof

    Is Oxbow Bad For Chins?

    Oxbow Essentials is a great food. Their garden variety is dangerous and needs to be avoided due to tomato pomace (known to cause colic in equines). NELA chin rescue (Dusty) is extremely unknowledgeable in regards to chinchillas. NOLA chin rescue (Rick) has over 20 years of experience and is...
  18. Spoof

    Hair matting

    Look, I appreciate your willingness to help people and keep on top of this forum (seriously, few have the time these days and you do a great job helping people) but statements like you made here just make you look like an ass. Me? Why do I bother? Because I *always* end up with the chins...
  19. Spoof

    Hair matting

    Matting is not from poor care some chins are just prone to it. I breed for a fur type that does not have this problem but I tell you every Shoots animal I bought would get a skirt of mats all over and have to be completely brushed out 3-4 times per year. Breeding these into my lines was a...
  20. Spoof

    one overweight, one underweight

    Some chins are naturally tiny - unless you know they are related it is ok that they are different weights. I would just leave them on the plain pellets and hay and let them adjust to life in a new home for a few months before playing with the diet.